Video: Senator Doubles Down On Support For Obamacare

Senator Mary Landrieu: I would vote for Obamacare again!

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  1. danstewart says:

    What a dumb azz *itch, of course she doesn't have to deal with odumbo care since they get to keep their paid care. If you're a legal US citizen, you get the shaft, if you're an illegal, or in the government, you get free everything. Pardon me, while I clean the puke off my keyboard.

  2. complete treason and treachery.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Mary Landrieu and all the other commies can't admit they made a mistake but Louisiana citizens can shove it up her butt hole the next time she runs.It's obvious she doesn't like or can't read bills.As long as it comes from her half black savior it's gospel.

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