Video: Senate Kills Amendment To Ban US Sending Weapons To Egypt

Here, Senator Rand Paul sounds off…

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  1. It's funny. The media got on Mel Gibson's case about being anti-semitic and painted him as a really bad guy. But, now that Obama is doing it, they think he's great for it. They think it's wonderful. If they were to do a story on the news about this event, they would say Obama was brave for sending weapons to Egypt. Morsi is first going to use these weapons to bomb Egypt to "punish" its citizens for opposing him. The media will keep their mouths shut at that point to keep from reflecting badly on Obama. That guy goes out of his way to keep from looking bad publicly, after all. He's the perfect no fault persident with unquestionable authority, right? "Oh no, best not put up any news report that implies Obama made a mistake or is sabotaging this country. What kind of controlled media would we be then?"
    As for the amendment, I'm not all that surprised it was killed. I bet it was by Harry Reid who had it blocked. Oh, he can easily do it too. He had the rules changed so that he only needs 51 votes to do anything. Figures. He couldn't win honestly, so as per the usual of his party, he had to cheat. Can't get your way, cheat. Cheat your arse off. Nancy Pelosi probably wrote that rule back when she was 70 and steam trains were all the rage.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Very good comment but Poopalosi wrote the rule back in the days of the iron horse when Indians attacked the trains.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    This country is famous for giving arms to the enemy.Instead of coutries giving them arms let them stone each other to death.

  3. THis act of sending fighter jets to Egypt should make him a traitor. He knows full well that those planes will be used against Isriel in the near future!Have any of you people out there got nerve enough to call your congressmen and senators and yell at them for not using good sense..If Obama goes thru with this ,he will be guilty of murder . Obama has said he will work against Isriel

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