Video: Sen. Feinstein: Ban Assault Weapons

MSNBC is calling for the “confiscation” of all guns. Senator Feinstein is not so harsh—she just wants to ban assault weapons. Perhaps the Left could come to a happy medium and just send all conservatives to “re-education” camps in order to make everyone think “correctly.” If only they could flush that little document called the Constitution down the drain, then they wouldn’t have to dance around the fact that they want to disarm America!

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  1. Ban guns, how foolish of you. Do some real good; make English are official language, get rid of illegals, save our military. Stop California from going broke. Help get rid of the FRAUD in the white house
    Do something wortwhile for Americans. Stop your jabbering about guns

  2. Not givin mine up to this illegal government!

  3. SHE IS and ALWAYS have been a WHACKED OUT DRUG ADDICT HOMOSEXUAL and should have been EXECUTED YEARS ago for TREASON!!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm with you there spoken like a true patriot.She is crazierthen a shithousebird.I'll bet the old bag has bodyguards who carry.

  4. Peaver Bogart says:

    I want a bill to ban all the liberals

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Tell California Fats Dianne stop the president and Holder to stop selling guns.Here Americans buy them Obutthole & company sell to the Drug Cartel and the muslim brotherhood.

  6. someone should put some super glue on her face, to keep it shut for good! Either that, or just put the ugly old bitch out of everyone’s misery! But then, there you have it, she is just one of the MANY PROBLEMS that the cesspool, known as California, my spelling of course, caliFORNICATION, has! The state is a wash, a waste of time and money, what with all the dimocraps and their greedy hands grabbing all they can grab, and then the Holloweird crowd, with their libturd, lib/lamebrainturd doings and airheaded bullshit. Let’s face it, anything that comes out of that Ahole in such a sorry waste of time, energy and money, is a lost cause, and “twats” like this old bitch needs to be shut up, and shut down for the good of the whole country! And while we’re at it, shut down holloweird at the same time, boycott all their tripe, all their violent, perverted, and disgusting garbage on screen. If we stop the money flow to them, they may wake up and find themselves with no jobs! Now, wouldn’t that be fun to see? Just watch them wonder “what happened to our audiences”? not that it will happen, but it sure would be a lot of fun to try! Tell the Fornication State to go back and BE MEXICANS! We don’t need them and their perversions! Diane F………can go and do the anantomically impossible……who knows, maybe she can, as perverted and sick minded as she is.

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