Video: SEIU: Fast Food Workers May Contaminate Food If No Raise

One bold man confronts these arrogant souls…

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  1. Getting a raise is a wonderful thing. But, the thing they don't realize is that it comes to those that earn it. How much revenue the company takes in determines whether or not the company can afford to give raises. How much the government takes out of the company with taxes also determines whether or not a raise can be given. If you live in a state where taxes are ridiculous for businesses and citizens alike, you can likely forget about getting a raise. What ever they're left with after taxes, that's all they have left to use to keep the business going. If it's way too little, they have few alternatives. Either stop paying for certain essentials (i.e. renting out the building space, utilities, supplies) or they have to start letting people go.
    My response to the guy saying: "I'm here for the workers, not the company." They're not separate entities, guy. If you don't think so, go ahead. Start your own company and then see what goes into keeping it alive. Tell me then if your employees are NOT apart of your company.

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