Video: See Senator Feinstein, Guns Do Save Lives!

If this woman was not armed, she along with her twin children might very well have been murdered.

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  1. THEY know that guns slave lives and are what is keeping Americans alive so far from being attacked by the islamic terrorists brought here by the ISLAMIC COMMUNIST PUPPET! They want our guns so that they can KILL MILLIONS OF US! THEY set up drugged children into SUPPOSED killing of people, the last time they "shooter" was dead, so NO WITNESSES to how he was drugged out of his mind!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Dianne Feinshit don't care that this lady saved herself and kids from being robbed and possibly murdered all fat Dianne could care about is getting gun owners to give up their guns so a take over of the US could be accomplished by Obutthole.I wonder if the old fat girl will tell her bodyguards to use slingshots.She's happier then a pig in slop that the Capitol police cary fire arms to protect her fat butt but we all can't afford capitol police.

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