Video: Sean Hannity On Muslim Obama

Specifically, Hannity talks about Obama going to a Muslim school in Indonesia…

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  1. muslim pos

  2. CmmnSnse1 says:

    Hannity, Limbaugh and the rest of the right-wing airwave practitioners have been spouting off for more than 20 years and what do we have to show for all of that dogma? Nothing good! The Conservatives are further away from the goal than ever, and their pockets are fuller from the era of greed than ever before. Compare that to the Founders. They spoke, took action (even at the cost of their fortunes) and made a very positive difference.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      You must be one of those terrorist sympathyizer or as you like to call them freedom fu-kers.If anyone hasbeen lining there pockets is is the socialist democraps.That old fart Dingy Harry came in a pauper and is leaving a millionaire.Nancy Poopalosi wants wants higher minimum wage except for the people of Samoa who work for her and her husbandCharlie Rangel anf Geitner 2 big tax cheats and they're considered heroes.Get the picture

    • I've listened to Rush L for at least 25 years, and then there are the other talking heads who are just the same as our Elected Officials. We 'Constitutional Patriots' all thought John Boehner would do great, Failure! We all thought Justice Roberts would do the Right Thing, Failure! The NRA thought Harry Reid would do the Right Thing, failure! He helped approve all the Lib SCOTUS scum. There are less than a million folks involved in The Heritage Foundation. Why? NO REAL CONSERVATIVE LEADER!!!!. Margaret Thatcher of the UK was a better bigger Conservative than anyone WE THE PEOPLE have on our side. Rush has all the answers, but money is more important.

    • And I must say..BO has not gotten rich?? Come on..look at the facts!

      • CmmnSnse1 says:

        Who today would pledge their lives, their fortunes and their Sacred Honor?
        Today's politicians know nothing about sacred honor and the value of an oath.
        Reid became a billionaire, recently, on insider info re federal highways in Utah and ALL of those in Congress are exempt from laws with penalties.
        Mas abuse and corruption in this era of greed.

  3. For all the naysayers on the credentials and the mystery BC of the Faker in the WH…SHUT UP AND PRODUCE THE RECORDS, THEN CLEAR UP ALL THESE DISCREPANCIES THAT THIS CLOWN INSULTS THE NATION WITH..
    The Fraud in the WH is nothing more than a half black Bernie Madoff that has not be prosecuted and sent to jail..

  4. Yes and Obama has a lot to hide because he is not even elgible to run for president, he is an Islamist Muslim,and his gang have swore to destroy America from within, while another group are out to change the constitution. Now do you see where Obama is comming from,he is a muslim treasonist,yet congress does nothing. Obama has had hundreds of meetings with the muslim groups,but not Christians.
    I guess he ciould spit in their faces and they would do nothing. We have a bunch of weasles in congress.
    If they had any guts at all Obama would have been IMPEACHED,not with cowards in Congress.

    • Debbie Parks says:

      Sherlock, I am christian, and I never had a good feeling about Obama ever! The ones who see Christian in this man are following the wrong god. _

    • Debbie Parks says:

      Dannir, Congress would have to admit that they let an illegal citizen take the office of President. Not gonna happen.

  5. wayne mann says:

    Where is John Wilkes Booth when we need em most???

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