Video: Sean Hannity Bans Obama Eligibility And Forged Birth Certificate Callers

Sean Hannity is a coward and an opportunist. He only does what his handlers at Faux News tell him what to do.

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  1. Obama has pulled the biggest CON job in the history of America.
    He belongs in Jail.

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      Many of us could see through his "dog and pony" show(for slow learners) from the get go. Nothing about him is American. He neither knows the Constitution nor does he care about the Constitution. To Obama Constitutional laws are to be broken….. as all socialists/marxists feel.

  2. Hannity, O'Reilly, Rove and all the rest have their heads in the sand and are afraid of new labels if they were to actually look into the 'rumors'. Beck did–where is he now? Not on Fox. Beck and O'Reilly used to travel around together, best of buddies. When Beck got serious about informing people, he got dumped by all of the above individuals. O'Reilly has him back once in a while. We DO notice the sneerful attitude he dishes out to Beck. And here we were hoping Truth was the prize. Evidently not. Ignore the truth so you can keep your following as it is, in the dark.

  3. O has a lot of people, including Hannity, hypnotized. It will be a dramatic awakening when they come out of it.

  4. No more networks that are fair nd balanced, I AM SURPRISED AT HANNITY. He was the one I still tuned in to along with Cavutto.. SAD. Did these Hannity and O'Reiily get paid off by George Soros or did they get their lives threathened by Obama's Chicago goons?

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      Some of both no doubt. I believe that George Soros now owns about 15% of Fox . I, like you, had thought that Hanmnity and Cavutto had a little more grit that the other hosts. Cavutto is brillant and pretty much on target with info but he has weakened during the past couple of months.

  5. As far as I'm concerned ALL of media is the same. The so called conservative hosts from FOX are also pulling the wool over our eyes. DO NOT FALL FOR IT.


    I am hoping the SOPFOR's will make the Fraud in the WH give it up, explain himself and push his buttons, they will get support and money and have reason enough to expose him……

  7. So………THAT”S why he, Hannity kept having that blonde bimbo, the twat with eyes only for “YOOOUUU” Tamara Holder,who is so in love with this Baboon in office that she almost cries when his name is mentioned in an unpleasent manner, and probably creams……….oh lord, some people have no brains nor shame!!!! Shame on Fawning Shawn/sean. And Juan snotnose Williams! I always wondered about that, and oh, that fat red headed dimocrap what’s his name, who can’t answer an honest question without snorting and jiggling around it like a big bowl of “black” pudding sycophant. So ol’ sean has joined up with the lefties and progressives, and commies, and marxists! Hmmmm, guess we are on our own folks, time to do some rat exterminatings. Rat bastards, all of them.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I can't stand that loud outh Tamara Holder either, her face looks like it got caught between Obuttholes ass cheeks.As far as williams we should start calling him Baghdad Juan.NPR did he right thing and fired his black ass.Actually Baghdad makes a good bobblehead just watch when he sits there looks like someone slapped his head to make it go back and forth.Sean may have some social commie guest but I think he is for Romney
      As far as Tamara goes if she was a dancer at a gentlemens club she'd be putting the dollars in the guys pants.I can't stand that fat ass Shamu Greene she should go back to Sea World,I think they're missing a whale.

  8. Personally I am so disappointed in Hannity and would like to give him the benefit of the doubt; i.e, that he has been threatened or knows something that we don't. However, I fear that it is purely his job which is at stake.

    Goodness knows, he has already made enough money to keep him and his family the rest of their lives, so if he really wanted to be the true patriot, he could be a real hero and get on the right side of the eligibility issue, even if it did cost him his job at Fox, which pays him millions each year. I believe it is somewhere between 10 and 15 million annually.

  9. I got hooked on Beck's show which made a person THINK – Gone. Found Judge Napolitano whom I enjoyed as much or more – effectively Gone. When Greta first claimed she believed BO and then O'Reilly claimed he had better things to do than consider the BC, now I am Gone.
    Fox – you could have been the leading edge of news IF you had stuck to some principles of Investigating and Reporting on the things of most significance to the US and the World at large. But no, you decided to follow the path of every other MSM and ignore those things of most importance. Heck, I might as well listen to CNN or MSNBC or any of the others who blatently lean LEFT.

  10. Have you ALL forgotten that FOX has been partially (large chunk), owned by an ugly, mu-slime rag-head sheik?? THIS is why the truth is difficult to come by!!
    Before that happened, they ALL were hammering at ovomit, knowing he was an illegal alien!! Anyone else remember that far back, BEFORE the fake '08 election (takeover??

  11. dorothea summer says:

    for 4 or 5 years Bill O'Reilly, Hannity, Greta, etc etc have not touched the birth certificate problem..They all know that B.O. is an illegal born in Kenya…but they won't touched it…. they are just like the 535 in Congress…afraid to open their minds and thoughts…afraid to loose their jobs..again like the Politicians they put themselves before the best for the country and its citicens.. sick sick sick

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