Video: SEALS Parents Demand Answers From Obama

Billy and Karen Vaughn hunt for answers to their son’s death in Afghanistan…

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  1. Obama will get caught sooner or later, I'm positive. I just hope it is sooner like yesterday.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    My heart goes out to these parentsbecause i have a son in the service.For our sand monkey president to use these brave SEAL Team 6 for his own personal pleasure to score points to boost his ratings is horrible.This semi black Hitler knew what would happen when he leaked out the info on the team.Sambo knew that he would get them killed but his ego neede a bump. Another case is Benghazi 4 Americans diedbecause of him and Hitlary.Nero fiddled while Rome burnedand Obutthole slept while the terrorist were killing in Benghazi but he had an excuse he needed to sleep so he could party with his movie pals.

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