Video: Saudi National And Boston Student Being Deported

Last night, Mark Emerson told Sean Hannity that the non-suspect Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi is being deported back to the Saudi Kingdom.

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  1. wayne mann says:

    Contact your congressman and senators by phone and by email and do not stop contacting them tell them to OPPOSE The current immigration bill coming before our Congress and Senate now. Tell them to……CLOSE OUR BORDERS.!!! Every 30 days 100000 more illegal Invaders come into our country. Before it is over they will outnumber us. Please stand up and start screaming America…. Get angry and let our voice be heard.

  2. ALL Arabs, Muslims MUST be DEPORTED!!! That IS the ONLY way to stop the bombing. Well we could EXTERMINATED them ALL!

  3. Sideshow says:

    Strange….odd….the way it was when after 9-11, the ONLY plane in the United States that was allowed to fly was the one that ferried SAUDI NATIONALS out of the country !!!!!!!!
    See some kind of pattern here ??? I certainly do…
    'Deported' 'for reasons of national security ??? I wonder just WHOSE security is/was REALLY at risk….
    Or, invoking the 'cover-all-excuse' of 'national security' might just be the way they hide their criminality…

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