Video: Sarah Palin On Fire- Nukes Rice, Carney, And Obama

Palin appeared on “On the Record” last night to do what she does best: putting Obama administration officials in their place.

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  1. Ya got that right! They are ALL incompident Liars & should be TERMINATED!!

  2. Well if it takes saying that we're "sexist" and "racist" on wanting to get to the truth about the murders … then ok say we're "sexist" and "racist" and then tell them to get on with telling us the truth about what happened. Frankly I don't think that obama is ever going to let the American people know what happened in Fast & Furious nor will we ever find out what happened in Benghazi. This is the "Chicago Way" of doing business. They are sitting in the White House and laughing at all of us – even the Liberals who voted them in. On that subject I firmly believe they hired someone like Clint Curtis, the Computer Programmer who wrote a program for Congressman Tom Feeny to fix the voting machines and if that was successful back then it should have been easier to do in 2012 !!! obama rigged the election he didn't "win" it !!! That's the Chicago Way !!!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    WE need more politicians like Palin rather then the Boners,Grahamnesty and other republicans who let Oblameo crap all over them.Bachmann is another good tough politician,these 2 women got bigger balls then their male counter parts.

  4. The Obama administration can't be straight about Benghazi because they would be indicted for criminal activity. The MSM knows this and they prefer continued criminal activity in exchange for a get even, gay, food stamp, affirmative action, abortion based society. You know what the Obama administration offers. It's that or what the Republicans offer: a disenfranchised poor, loopholes for the rich, and a get yours, I got mine based society. Problem is we have two parties, both working for lobbyists/multinationals corps and banks, that can't negotiate because super inflated egos (especially with Obama).

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