Video: Sandy Victims Beg For Help

Barack Obama after Hurricane Sandy decimated the eastern seaboard made a quick statement, posed for a few photos and then jetted off to do what he does best: campaign. The Sandy victims? The homeless, hungry, despairing? Abandoned. Abandoned by Barack Obama.

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  1. Your not going to get any help from the Black a## HOLE

  2. Obama deserves immeditae impeachent simply because he is NOT an American and never has been—do it retroactively for history purposes —make it clear for history that we made a gross mistake in electing a non-American for president!

  3. Oh Geraldo Rivera, Brian Williams, Kanye West, yoo hoo where are you to say that your President is not helping these people? Where are you? Yoo hoo. Oh hiding under a pile of rocks I see.

  4. Linda from NYC says:

    The president left, and left all those people to defend for themselves, he only came for a photo op, to make himself look good, like he really cares, yea right. I have notice that when a earthquake happens in another part, half way around the world, the US gets there the next day with supplies, I have seen it in the news. That reminds me, the USA has help many countries when in trouble, I have not seen any country come to help out.

  5. Not surprisingly the mainstream-media is giving Obama a complete pass on this, as opposed to raking Bush over the coals re Katrina.

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