Video: Russian TV Puts U.S. Media to Shame, Covers “Birther” Story

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  1. transplantedpeach says:

    Doesn't this little item just take the cake??? A Russian TV news outlet is all over our President's "birther" issue. It seems that the Ruskies can add 2 + 2 better than our slobbering (Bernie Goldberg's adage) lame stream media empires. If our journalists had ANY twinge of conscious or healthy suspicions like their peers before them demonstrated, we would be closer to the truth than we are today. Just another part of the media world that is under Obama's spell.

    If other nation's journalists see the duping of Americans why can't we? It's somewhat embarrassing to read how we have become sooo misled and misrepresented and Machiavellian that we REFUSE to look at what is right in front of us. Obama and Michelle have to be on a HIGH that's greater than any drug on the face of this earth.

    Fraudulent, phony and defilers of the Oath of Office, Barack Hussein Obama aka several various forms, AND the people in Congress KNEW he was not properly vetted and went with the status quo, but not so quick Barackeroo, American citizens are on to you ALL and thousands have written their Congresspeople DEMANDING they initiate the proper proceedings to rid the Oval Office of such treasonous dangerous occupiers.

    Darrell Issa, Sheriff Joe Arpiao, Orly Taitz, Congressman Tom Tancredo, Glenn Beck, Rep. Allen West, Sean Hannity and hundreds more are fearless about getting the TRUTH out and I pray for ALL their safety! Hopefully you will also.

    • Hannity claims Obama is American just like all the others on the Left, so does Glenn Beck. GB won't even discuss the birther issue, he just disrespects us all. There really aren't any high profile people leading the charge against Obama. What a sad state this nation is in, really. It almost takes away any ambition to get out there and succeed. It almost makes me feel like giving up, saying what the hell, nothing matters. I don't know, maybe that's what all the lies and deceit are supposed to do, tear down our wills. Who knows?

  2. WOW. How long before someone actually DOES something? By the time we get real action, he wil have us all in camps and 5 million of us will be filling those body bags they ordered. What a farce, maybe this SOB is the anti-christ, he just doesn't fit the description from thr Bible. But there have been many anti0christs so weknow he's at least the doorman for the last one…how sad for all these people who;e sold their souls and bought into the father of all liars, the devil's lies. Hell is not going to be the party they think…..eternal burning, demons tearing at you as you fall through burning fire for ETERNITY! Think about it….and ask God for forgiveness.

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm embarrassed over this. A country we were once in a cold war with sees the discrepancies surrounding Obammy. Even Russia calls for the simplest solution. Allow an examination of his ORIGINAL birth certificate!

    I remember when people claimed to be "embarrassed" over Bush. Where are they with Obammy???

    • Embarrassed? How about angry, irate!

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        I'm angry at our congressmen that KNOW this is going on and refuse to step in. I'm irate at the people who STILL follow Obammy like puppy dogs. I'm upset and discouraged over what my country has become.

        But I'm still embarrassed that a country we used to stand superior to can laugh at us like we're idiots because of obammy, and a simple solution.

    • sandykramer says:

      In his back pocket.

  4. Everyone knows he's not legal, but obama has too many butt kisser's out there, they have been paid off very well!

  5. the USA has been the laughing stock over this,illegal alien muslim/communist treasonous fraud from the beginning. The whole outside world knew from the get go,he was illegal. We are under a communist coup. Its time people call it what it is. Infiltrated from the top down. He should of been arrested long ago. IMO there is only one way this situation will be straightened out.

  6. I have said since the beginning and I finally got the birth certificate that they were showing it says that Oboma was born in Mombasa Kenya, and yes he has several aliases, berry soetoro, harrison j bounel, chicago pimp, barak h. obama, to name a few. he uses a dead man's ss. # 042 68 4425 . The last acount he had 58 addresses in the U.S., the house he was living in he clamed to pay $23,000 for a$132,000,000,000 house but it's in the name of a cook county lawyer's name. the pin no ON his house " Supposedly" has been changed 6 times which a pin is usually permanent. Obama is an Islamist Musalim, and several people have been killed over his information,trying to expose Obama.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      First, I don't like obammy. I want you to know that, but we don't need misinformation mixed in.
      Cook County Illinois tax assessor is online. You can pull up any home in Cook County as long as you have the address.
      I have pulled up the information on obammies house. The $23,000 was paid for a half lot that sat next to the main home. This was a lower price than it should have been, but still within reason for the area. It was this lot that was in "mixed" names. When you compile different lots and homes, all with different pin numbers, the highest number is the final. At least thats what happened when my sister joined her home with her two empty lots for one tax bill. If they joined different lots at different times, this would be the basis for different pin numbers.
      Look it up yourself:

      The rest, you're dead on with the SS# and names. (and he's a muslim)
      Let's just not be thought of the ones spreading rumors.

  7. This is very interesting, but it seems to be more than a year old. We all know what happened to poor Mr Lakin. I'm just really disappointed that this is not a current video; it would give me more hope.

  8. How do Americans expect to save the Republic and Constitution when they can't even acknowledge they have a fraud in the Office of the Presidencey. All Americans are guilty of hiding this hideous crime and have become co-conspirators and are as guilty as those who put Obama in office. The only reason I can think of why they keep it hidden is because they are afraid to confront it in fear of starting a racial war bettween Blacks and Whites. Our politicians have so little respect for Black Americans that they feel they would riot in the streets. The Far Left Loons are so far gone in ideology that they will delude themselves into thinking anyone who agrees with them is better than a Moderate or a RHINO. No wonder the World has no respect for America anymore, it's become a Nation of whores.

  9. Nancy is right about the butt kissing. The media being the biggest. They report what they want us to believe and think. A lot of people are turning them off and they know it. Read where only 12M people listen to the 4 main media outlets anymore and there are 308 or more million people out there. I go to international news more often than ours where you can get the truth. A lot of people and countries are counting on us to stop this mess, cause if we go down so do they. I only check out our conservative websites here and a few others and they tell the same news so they are honest reporters.

  10. Barack Hussein is a FAKE, a FRAUD and a LYING Muslim.
    All great reasons he should be IMPEACHED !!!!!!

  11. Impeach Obama Now

  12. WHO DO People say owns the Media? If you would really want to know, here is the TRUTH! See Eph 2:2 in the KJV Bible, It is the prince of the power of the air! In 2 Corinthians 4:4 he is known as the god of this world"…See nothing like a KJV Bible to clear up a non known item! Satan controls this political system and the media and the news and TV and the radio! How else would it be possible that instead of hearing how we have a traitor in office all we hear about is who bunjie jumped off a bridge and it snapped of who's birthday it is in Holly (ROTTEN)wood or maybe what foods you might like or yada yada yada who cares! the news ought to be how a man who came out of no-where and was installed to destroy a nation, all w/out a proven birth cert and a SSN of a dead man!! That is news we need to know but ONLY get fluff!! Now you know why I don't have a TV hook up!!

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