Video: RUSH: Wait Until The GOP Finds Out That Illegals Don’t Want Amnesty

Rush takes an interesting call here…

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Why the hell should they want amnesty when they get all the benefits already.Plus theydon't live in no shadows they go to our emegency rooms for free they flood our public schools they get there foods stamps while some Americans can't.police won't arrest them because they're scared to go into their neughborhoods.All these politicians and others that are for amnesty are rich enough that they won't have these people near them.

  2. These people are invaders and criminals we take legal immigrants with money and brains to contribute to our country not to take all of mexicos trash and homeless, gang bangers, drug dealers, bla bla bla. Get lost and go mess your own country back up.

  3. Sideshow says:

    So job-stealing illegal scumbags don't want an amnesty because it would cause some of them to lose their (stolen) jobs ???
    On what planet does that make sense ???
    Build a 50-foot wall across the entirety of the southern border, with a gun tower every 50 yards…then round up and deport every last single illegal scumbag in the nation…
    If something definitive isn't done NOW, it may be too late when another 20-30 MILLION of them come flooding into OUR country…thereby fully destroying what was the United States…which will become a third-world shithole…

  4. They want all these illegals here for the caos its giong to cause ! They want the borders less secure so Obamas thug muslims can come through mexico and terrorize the us they aint worried about mexicans at all ! They want the mexicans here to use them for the civil unrest it will cause so they can declair their martial law and TRY to take our guns ! They want to create all the racial stuff they are doing to do the same ! ………. A 2 year old with a box of crayons can see this …….. So why are we still letting it happen ……. Call your congressmen daily it dont take long at all …… Demand IMPEACHMENT of all these people ….. Then you get a letter from them thanking you for your concern and telling you there isnt enough evidence to impeach nobody !!???? So i guess that means we can kill anyone and their kids for disagreeing with them ….?????ENOUGH IS ENOUGH??????

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