Video: Rush To Find Obama’s College Transcripts And B.C.

Rush Limbaugh also says that Obama’s white half is more authentically black than his black half. I can hear the left already screaming: “What a RACIST!!!!”

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  1. We are all aware that Obama is not who he claims to be and that he is turning the USA into a socialist state. If we want to stop that, we must VOTE for Romney. He has promised repeal of the massive Obama Health Care tax law, lower taxes on investments and businesses, cut soending, undo all the Executive Order regulations, build the Keystone Pipeline, and eliminate socialists from the government.

  2. No one knows where he came from. He dosen't even know, for certain, who his father was. He wanrts the USA to become a socialist state controlled by the UN. Only way to stop him is top VOTE for Romney who will repeal the massive Obama Health Care tax law and cut the size of government.

  3. Want to stop socialism? VOTE for Romney. Forget where Obama sprang from, who cares. He is destroying our Republic.

  4. Obama is a misunderstood President who is not capabe of handling the job 60 million voters gave him.

    • RacerJim says:

      Obama is a Marxist Usurper who has always hated Capitalist Caucasions and is not eligible for the job

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Rush is right Obuttholes mother was a porn star who liked the spooks so if you go back in the family tree you'll find that Obuttholes great great great great grandmother owned slaves and she use to have one of the big black buck satisfy her sexually and she gave birth to a mulatto and that is why Obuttholes mother liked the black meat.Now this is only my theory but like the left we can come up with stories like this.Has anyone ever heard Oblameo say anything good about his mother

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