Video: Rush Sidekick Goes Off On Obama’s Gangsta Government

Rush Limbaugh’s friend Bo Snerdley has a few words for Barack Hussein Obama…

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  1. fdraiden says:

    Right on, right on!

  2. Dorothy says:

    Why can't I get the video to show anything. The last two days it comes up blank! WHY/

  3. PatrioTom says:

    Imprison the entire ObamaNostra crime family!!

  4. Obama is a illegal criminal. He is on the inside of the White House, which he and his criminal friends are now getting set to permanently overthrow our government! If these Senators and congressmen do not act, they will take them down along with the American people! Obama is an Islamic terrorist, just as any other terrorist in this country, and the sooner this nation realizes this, the better off we will be. Will our Congressmen and Senators let Obama overthrow our White House and our government? It is not only the people's country, but it is the government itself that has taken oath's. Obama must be tried for TREASON!

  5. Gunner221 says:

    Obama cares nothing for this country and never has. As long as he can suck up tax dollars for his family to enjoy themselves then all is fine. A 100 million dollar Africa vacation for Michelle and family? That says it all when Americans can't find jobs and just having enough money to feed the family is a weekly chore.
    But he doesn't care.
    This moron came out of the woodwork with nothing to support any competency in running the government and gets elected because, people just wanted to show others how diverse they were. Basically, look at me, see what a great person I am. I know nothing about him but he is black so he gets my vote. How selfish of people to throw the country in the dumpster for a social statement. And they did it twice.

  6. Liars don't care when you call them liars, Bo!
    But thanks for telling the truth.

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    Bo Snerdley is sure telling it right on Obutthole.This man and his family live large on the government dole.He and lard ass know how to waste money on vacations while other people have to take furloughs from work.Sambo sure isn't over worked because he doesn't know anything if we can believe half blackman who speaks with forked tongue.

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