Video: Rush, Obama Thinks America is “Criminal, Guilty”

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  1. I guess the ilegal muslim terrorist boon does think that way, just look at his past.

  2. Obviously a lot of the others we voted into office think the same thing or he'd be gone by now.

  3. SEAN MURRY says:

    SCREW you obummer.

  4. The Iran president a few years back said that he would destroy the US from within. I believe it is comming true thru President Obama he is destroying America from within. And i think he is trying to become second term so he can finish the job. Also this is a little bit out of left field but some are saying that if he get second term, he will fiqure out a way or at least try to become a dictator and null the position of president. And folks if they take away the right to bear arms he could do just that we could not defend ourselves. Google how many countries that after removing their citizens guns thru gun control, went on to have mass killing of it's own by their gov. Start with Germany gun control that hitler madated to the present date. you will see what he can do to you and me when we have no way of protecting ourselves when gov takes away right to bear arms.

  5. Phyllis in Texas says:

    What words are left to express our disdain of Obama. Nothing new! All those in government, dems/repubs, are loser too. If they won't adhere to the Constitution then get out, go to a country where you can enjoy your type of bondage. We the people want you all gone, we want the good life of hope. Reading today about where the stimulus went is so disgusting, about one penny on the dollar went to the people, the rest back to Obama! How is that possible? He bought his way to the WH and laughed all the way with our money
    From a 76 yr old woman who is educated, I know you!

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