Video: Rush: Obama Got Worst Grades In Harvard History

Rush Limbaugh says that a man from Harvard called him and spilled some beans on Obama.

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  1. David Bray says:

    For 4 yrs BHO has refused to show his "real" BC or release any of his college records.
    Now, with BHO and Reid demanding Romney reveal 10 yrs of Tax Return Romney should take the "Show me yours and I'll show you mind" position.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    If Romney had balls he would go with Rush and pin Obutthole to the mat like like that evil little troll Dingy Harry Reid did with his make believe friend.

  3. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    ..I knew this in October 2008 — Oshamo was, and remains, a dumb-ass. He hasn't achieved anything and is not a role model for no black or non-white male or female..He was paid — PAID — to infiltrate our country.. He is a thug, nothing more!! There are NO transcripts anywhere — that is part of the paid-for deal folks..Don't try to find things that don't exist. Bottom line: he was born in Kenya, denounces the USA, and has infiltrated our political system like clockwork by corrupt and criminal democrat-liberals giving him cover and greasing the wheels throughout the entire way. Do not listen to this criminal, EVER!

  4. Disgusted says:

    @Not Fooled in Nevada, hell, I don’t even LOOK at him if I can avoid it, much less LISTEN to him!! Why would anyone with even a little bit of grey matter bother to listen to a word he ooozes? He ooozes lie upon lie, and lies about the lies he told! I don’t beleive there is a man, woman or child in the world with such a high opinion of himself, their selves. This birthday card thing! Has anyone ever seen or heard of any other President (president=oblowhard) do something like this? Is he stupid, or does he really beleive he is all that loved, liked or respected by most Americans? He has an ego that is bigger than the universe from the looks and sounds of it. And if Rush is right, to have been such a failure in college, what the hell has he got to be so proud of? His looks? Not even close! He looks like a baboon, an angry one at that! This ugly, flap earred, purple lipped people hater has not one thing going for him. Everything he “promised” has failed, or deliberately been broken. The worst grades in Harvard Histoy, does this surprise anyone? nah.

    • lovesconstitution says:

      @Not fooled at all in Ca.. OB is deliberately destroying this country from every angle possible.

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