Video: Rush Limbaugh Was Right—Obama DID Want Taxpayers To Pay For Women To Have Sex!

With what may soon be called SecretServiceGate, after the Secret Service soiree and hookers gone wild in Cartagena, Columbia this past week, Obama Files has put together a little video poking fun at the whole episode. The Secret Service scandal, in a way, justifies Rush Limbaugh’s comments regarding Obama wanting taxpayers to pay women to have sex after contraception poster girl Sandra Fluke appeared before Congress. As, in effect, taxpayers did pay women to have sex, as we pay the salaries of the Secret Service, which then went into the purses of the hookers! Of course the world laughing at us and the corruption that permeates the Obama Administration is no laughing matter, but as Andrew Breitbart often said, sometimes humor is the best way to expose the corruption of the Left.

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  1. Obama is the pinp

  2. Evermyrtle says:

    When did he become interested in having sex with women??? That is not his line of interest. Talk about abomination, he is an abomination with the evil that he has foisted on America and the really bad thing about it, so far, he has gotten away with every single evil.

  3. His origin is amystery to this day and yet hed stioll holds office. Think a Republican could get away with that? His entire life is one big fabrication cleverly concocted and paid for by some unknow group..

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