Video: Rush Limbaugh: Obama’s Birther State Of The Union 2013

Need to have a good laugh? Rush Limbaugh provides it with his SOTU condensed version. You won’t be able to watch this video only once. Enjoy and LOL.

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  1. ok, why does this page have an ad to sign and support obummer's agenda, when it is about NOT supporting his agenda. Now the demoncrats are infultrating our websites?

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    You got to love Rush & Paul in the way they handle this igger and tell you exactly the way it is so even simple minda can understand what SAmbo really means.

    Whatever topic or issue we are discussing, Obama is always the target, because he responsible for all the problems we are facing today. From his birth certificate, his passport, his social security, his father who was born in Kenya, which makes him ineligible to be president, and that he is an impostor, illegal and not a natural citizen, for he himself claimed, he was born in Kenya. So, America, as always, we have the right to demand his resignation and we have the right to demand his prosecution or a citizens arrest for he his not eligible to be president in the first place. SO, WE MUST MARCH to Washington and do our jobs.

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