Video: Rubio Lies About Obama ID Fraud

Senator Rubio: Show me Obama birth certificate fraud evidence…

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  1. Ariviste says:

    Goodbye, Marco Rubio, At one time I thought highly of you, but in the past year, you've totally changed my opinion. I no longer trust you to do the right thing.

    • You are so right, he seems to be trying to join the left on this immigration issue also. I think everyone knows the birth certificate is a fraud by now except him.

  2. Charles17121 says:

    Mr Rubio has aspirations for high office and that is the reason he is tuning a blind eye to the truth that We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .
    We the People demand that the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama form office under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

    The problem with Mr Rubio is he also does NOT meet US Constitution qualifications to hold the office of US President or VP . Mr Rubio is NOT A Natural Born US Citizen and he knows it .

  3. this is why it needs to be stopped now before he does more serious damage not later when it to late

  4. to senator must be kidding.sheriff joe and the cold case posse,has proven that ovomit/satan birth certificate if a computer generated{layered forgery}and his social security card is a forgery it belongs to a dead 119 yr old Connecticut person.and all his records are hidden/sealeld,and spends millions to keep them hidden/sealed,and ovomit ignored a Georgia supreme court subpoena.and ovomit sent additional throops to afganistan,without congress approval,and ovomits father was born in Kenyan,making the ineligible treasonous traitor ovomit,ineligible to be president,and he lied about bengazi with rice/carney/Hillary stating it was because of a video,thats a lie,it was a terrorist attack,and ovomit never sent any rescue attempt,and ovomit and ag holder,said they would not arrest the two black panties,who were standing in frt of a philly polling place,and one of them had a bat or baton in his hand,and both ag holdup and ovomit said they would not do anything against either one,because they were black,thats racial hate crimes,racial injustice,and this from our so called leaders

  5. Rubio makes a good point, "he's not going to be president forever and we need to concentrate on what is good for the country", or words to that effect. I will try that approach when I get caught speeding, I won't be speeding forever, we need to concentrate on where I'm going. Should work if there are no laws for O then why for me?

  6. wayne mann says:

    Rubio can only be trusted to take care of his Mexicans.!!! And to help Obama further his agenda.

    • Ha ha ha…… idiot !! Rubio is Cuban. Not Mexican. You people are goofed.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Ha ha ha……you IDIOT!!! Wayne didn't say Rubio WAS mexican, only that he was taking care of the mexicans he claims.
        Big difference there 'sport'.
        You people are goofed. By 'you people' I mean brain dead liberal obot sheeple that follow the failure like little puppy dogs.
        Roll over and let your messiah's camp sniff your little private parts so you can show submission. Don't forget the "tingle down your leg". A little urine is expected from submissives.

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          I like that Big Al or Fat Al as Sue called him can't read because Wayne is right Marco wants to take care of the Mexicans beside there isn't much difference both are hispanic.Al must be like Chris Matthews he gets the tingle

          • Actually, moron, there's a big difference between Cuban and Mexican. But I wouldn't expect a complete imbecile like you to know that.

          • RacerJim says:

            "What difference, at this point, does it make." But I wouldn't expect a total OBOT like you to give a crap.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Fat Al if you really want to see a moron look in the mirror and there you will see a real liberal commie democrap who is in love with President Bobo the chimp as someone called him.This man and his party along with Rinos want the hispanics no matter what country these freeloaders come from.

        • Wrong, "sport". He said "his" Mexicans. Anyway, it doesn't matter. You're stupid and so is Wayne.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Wrong 'sport'. You have very low comprehension skills.
            Of course it doesn't matter. You haven't the intelligence to understand what does or does not matter.
            I usually don't make fun of mentally challenged children, but I'll make an exception in your case.
            It's quite enjoyable watching you squirm.
            Watching the demise of your messiah sure has you running scared.
            Better watch yourself. Your people are eating their own. Don't worry, you'd be an appetizer.

      • Hey Fat Albert,
        why do you love this black monkey muslim whose intentions is to bring down the country? are you not American?

        • 1. Racist
          2. Intolerant
          3. Ignorant
          4. Paranoid/delusional
          5. Stupid/anti-intellectual
          6. Pathetic

          • RacerJim says:

            7. Narcissist
            8. Condescending
            9. Communist/Marxist/Socialist
            10. TRAITOR

            There. Your and your Messiah's Top 10 traits.

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    How much proof does this Desi Arnez wanna be need,he is like every other politicians he talks through his ass because they're scared of Obunghole.Ask the American Indians just how good a politicians word is.Rubio trys to sound like the guy in the white cowboy hat but after listening to him he's just another RINO

  8. Tiffany says:

    6 months ago I was totally behind Rubio. NOW.. between the lies that pour out of his mouth regarding the immigration Bill he is omitting much that Americans would not like, he lost 99% credibility. He's a younger version of John McCain. I find it difficult to believe that he has not heard of the findings of a duly elected Sheriff. Rubio, you can quit and go home now, you are showing your true colors. And they are not Red, White and Blue. You are out for yourself, and to hell with America and Americans.

  9. Mr. Rubio, you have lost my vote as I cannot and will not vote for a two faced clown who says he needs proof of the fraud in Obama's birth certificate when it has been all over the internet and proven by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and other prominent law officers and ex law officers. You are a buffoon if ever there was one. We can't trust what you say, so go back to being an ordinary citizen and stop trying to be a public official with the interest of the American populace. If you want to really show that you love America, then prove your stuff and start an investigation and get the criminal out of office. Better yet, get him in jail like any person who has committed fraud. If you do this for your country, maybe, just maybe people may begin to like you again.

  10. RacerJim says:

    IMHO the most obvious evidence that the online images we've all seen alleged to depict Obutthole's short-form and/or long-form birth certificate are in fact fakes is that, as far as I know, Obama has yet to personally claim any of them as depicting either his short-form or long-form birth certificate. If anyone knows otherwise please let me/us know when and which one(s) he personally claimed as such.

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