Video: Romney Surrogate Wishes Obama “Would Learn How To Be An American”

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu is on fire these days. First, he makes a fool out of Andrea Mitchell (from MSNBC) on air, now he is taking it to Obama himself. Can’t wait to see what he says next!

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  1. "Andrea"??? "Yes?"
    "Need to borrow the teleprompter?"
    "You sounded like Barry stumbling and bumbling along…"
    "Oh he just infuriates me!"
    "Yeah that pesky truth really gets in the way when you're trying to smear someone, doesn't it?"

  2. Obama go to Hell You do not talk right, You have Africans GO TO HELL OBAMA………………

  3. Obama and Hillary are signing our death warrants at the UN with help from the dems and republicans. When is someone in our government going to grow a backbone and do something about this imposture? Americas death will be on your hands. Can you really live with it? They need to be arrested now before this gets out of hand. All of you know he is not legal to be president and all of America knows you know it.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Sununu is right but Obutthole will never be a real American because you can't take the Indonesia out of him.The muslims own him. He will bring America to its knees.

    • Disgusted says:

      Mu SLIMES cannot be Americans. It is just not possible. As a mouse cannot become a cat, neither can a MU SLIME become an American. Their most UN holy book forbids it. They do not come here for freedom and a good life. They come here for one single purpose, to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY AND HER CITIZENS! Every country that they invade,infect, and infest, they completely destroy from one end to the other, with their filth and disese called “islam”, which I refer to as IS SLIME. It is a deadly, and most TOXIC disease, and it kills all that it touches with it’s evil and perverted ideologies. There is nothing good nor peaceful about this ideology, there is nothing at all American about it, it is the exact opposite of anything decent, honest, and life giving. Mu SLIMES are meant to do one thing, MURDER!!!!!!!!

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