Video: Romney Defeated Obama – If Not For Voter Fraud

Great video from the Jewish Task Force…

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  1. I knew it all along! Nothing- I mean nothing BHO has done has been legal or legitimate. He hates the USA and everything it has stood for. An Enemy is at the helm. Now is the time to demand courage, bravery and patriotism of true Americans who love America to action and in exercising the fight to rid that evil one and his minions from Our Nation. Invoke the Power of Almighty God. Invoke the Power of His Son, Jesus Christ! Invoke the power of the Holy Ghost and Invoke the power of all the saints and angels of Heaven. If David could knock down and kill Goliath with one tiny stone and a good aim, then Americans who love God and love America can rid that evil monster form among us.

    • Questionman says:

      Here are the REAL facts! There are NO Patriots here, just angry hateful racist, bigot hate-mongers with no right to call themselves Americans but in the same breath say they hate the President! And you wonder why you lost the election? it's because we do NOT want America to be run by racists!
      I've had enough! From now on! I'm standing up to you racist assholes! That's what you are! I'm sick of you racist sore losers insulting me and other Americans for NOT voting White and giving you your lily white America back! That's too freaking bad!

      I'm sick of you racist insulting the President and calling yourself Americans?!?! Please! You are NO American! You are NO Patriot! You are nothing more than a angry, bitter, a bad loser, bigoted, homphobic, racists!

      Honest to almighty father, I was right. Anyone who Hates Barack Obama do so because he's Black!

      • Peaver Bogart says:

        Questionman, You are one ignorant sumbitch. Look where your hero has put us in the last three and a half years. On the edge of bankruptcy. Why do't you go back and crawl in the slimey hole you crawled out of.

  2. Karolyn Miller says:

    I agree one hundred percent. That is why we who voted for Romney were shell shocked when Obama regained the office. Notice I too will not say he won.

  3. The last chance to defeat Obama lies in the Electoral College….if 17 states abstain from the process, they lack a quorum, and the selection of the Presidency falls to a House vote, and the Senate votes for Vice-President.

  4. There's a lot of things wrong with our voting system,. the first is the computer voting machines that can be hacked ,wrongly programed. Second is absentee ballots, third is no requirement for ID , fourth is no accounting redundancy,where it is printed in the news papers,where the poling stations can check to see the proper numbers were posted in those news papers. The media calls winners too soon,and is bias,they should not report any news on elections until the next Day. Then there is the Fact that through media the shadow government of the Council on foreign relations,Trilateral commission and the Builder-burg sets the agenda on he winner ,even though they control all of the presidential candidates. all 2008 and 12 presidential candidates were CFR

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    You better believe there was voter fraud since you got the voting machines off Soros.If the media wasn't up Oblameos ass and real did report we might getto the bottom of voter fraud.

  6. This election has made this country even more devided than it was before Thanks Obama supprters I dispise Blacks and hispanic who voted for Obama.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      Hi Jerry,
      I dispise all who voted for obama, including my own sister, and Jerry not all spanish voted for obama, there are fews of us left with common sense, like me. But I understand how you feel, I despise those blacks who voted for this bogus man, knowing that they only voted for him because he is black and never mind that he is killing our country, how stupid these people really are.

  7. Peaver Bogart says:

    What I don't understand is, with so many voting districts reporting numbers way above 100% (like 141%) voter turnout, it's obvious that there was massive voter fraud. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have more than 100% voter turnout. Why isn't our congress doing something about it? The only reason I can think of, is They're in bed with this administration.

  8. Call me racist, I do not care. I have been saying this for years, decades. The problem with this country are the BLACKS. Doubt me? Check the facts. Who are the biggest population in jails nationwide? BLACKS. Who is the pargest population on welfare, food stamps, social security, section 8 housing? BLACKS. Who are the least educated, dumbest race in the world? BLACKS. When I was in school decades ago, they had to dumb down the textbooks because the BLACKS were crying racism because they could not keep up with the white education. Everywhere you look – every city – who lives in the ghettos? Who takes a nice neighborhood and makes it into a ghetto with high crime and boarded up houses? BLACKS. Every city that used to be good to live in but went to hell can be traced to a BLACK MAYOR. And now you wanna know why our country is going to hell? Look at who's president…..

    Call me racist if you want to but the facts are indisputable.

  9. finally some body tells it like it is. I do not live around too many blacks but I see the same things you are taking about in the Hispanic communities that use to be predominantly white neighborhoods that are now Hispanic neighborhoods with high crime, gangs overall the neighborhoods are trashed literally. some are so bad that the local police know theses people on a first name bases, and in this case that is not a good thing. I am tired of being considered a raciest or bigot for pointing out the truth. I guess what they say is true " the truth hurts " call me a bigot or call me a raciest I just tell the truth. Blacks will always play the race card.

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