Video: Rick Perry: Fast And Furious “Nixonian”

Governor Rick Perry appeared on CBS’s “Face The Nation” yesterday to talk about Fast and Furious and Obama’s use of Executive Privilege.

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  1. Rick, where are you when we need you.
    You are a good American, so do as Arizona, throw out the illegals and keep Obama off yor state ballot!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Slay the Nation is a liberal program for Bob Shithead to expose his liberal views.all good Conservatinves should boycott Slay The Nation except for Newt he'd tell old Blob to go crap in his hat.Rick Pery was right .

  3. richcarro says:

    Do you ever notice that when the President gets caught with his pants down and someone talks to the Main Stream Media, all of a sudden they don't know any thing about it? What the man Rick Perry is trying to say that they (Holder and the President) is covering things up, any fool can see that.

  4. Disgusted says:

    Rick may have had a couple of “oops” moments, but he sure hit the nail(S) on this one! It is worse than Nixon though, for this is dangerous to the whole nation, not just among party lines. This could turn into an international incident, if the Mexican president finds that this was deliberate, as we know it was, and that his “good friend” obutthead was involved from the start!!!! And, he was, Mr.Calderone.

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