Video: Reporters Caught On Tape Conspiring To Undermine Romney Press Conference

Before Mitt Romney issued a statement yesterday, an open mic captured the press coordinating questions to ask Romney, with one saying “no matter who he calls on, we’re covered on the one question”.

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  1. Charles17121 says:

    The liberal press know their days are number. Falling back on the Alinsky tactics to try and discredit Mitt Romney . The liberal press will lose all credibility when this get out . Someone should tell these idiots they are there to report the new and not make it .

  2. maryhowland says:

    so there you have it. these reporters need to lose their jobs. the are so back biting. they are scum . they are as bad as gibbs. anything a reporter says we know now are lies and deceit.a bunch of illierate s. this whole lot of the democrates are liars and cheats.

  3. April Skelton says:

    Typical lamestream media. I thought journalists were suppose to report the truth unless they are writing fiction. These so called amateurs should be fired. I'm sure the obummer administration will find a nice, cushy job for them somewhere in public relations.

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