Video: Reporter Has Documented Proof Obama Is A Indonesian Citizen

Wayne Allyn Root, who went to Columbia the same time Obama did, appeared on Joe Pagliarulo’s radio show to discuss Obama’s mysterious background. At about the 8 minute mark, Root makes a stunning confession.

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  1. Why the hell wouldnt you wait to have the proof in your hands before you released this….now if this is true obama will have the cia all over you and that reporter before the hard copy proof can be seen. I hope this proof can make it on us soil.

    • Agree, Mrk. Wayne Allyn Root is a "Shyster" first class, and why anyone would choose to believe any of the garbage he spouts is beyond me. Back in 2008 when he was running for office on the Libertarian ticket, he first claimed to be Obama's roommate; then changed it to "classmate", he first said he knew Obama and then said, no, he didn't. This guy has as many stories as he has white, flashy teeth! I am not an Obama fan and sincerely wish that someone could come up with something that CAN BE PROVEN. Some folks need to learn that unless you have rock-solid proof that can be used in a Court of Law, you have NOTHING but another conspiracy theory! Wayne Allyn Root has his own agenda, so do not be fooled.

      • VirgoVince says:

        Don't be so quick to judge, what I've seen of Mr Root, he's been 100% correct in every remark he's made!! Kinda hard to beat the proof of results!!
        There is NO doubt, ovomit spent much of his childhood in Indonesia and was a citizen there while he lived with his step-father!! All this has been brought up many times already and is old news, by now!!

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          Virgo your right all this is old news and nothing is done about it.Poliicians are to scared to touch it and when Obutthole owns the DOJ who is left only Sheriff Joe

      • BillyJean says:

        I have proof Obama admits that he is a muslim, I saw him on uTube, and he was wearing the muslims clothing and speaking about the quarn and how great it is. it's there just look for it. This was recorded years ago before he came into office. look for its there.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        I have a tape of a Union meeting, in which I was a high ranking official, that had newly "elected" Senator Obama as a guest speaker in Chicago. In this meeting we discussed many things. One thing in particular was how to deal with foreign employees that spoke little English. He proceeded to tell us how since he himself WAS an immigrant, and while he spoke English, he understood their plight. Thats right. He stated he had immigrated to America and it's all on tape.
        This tape is verified by not only the guest sheet (signature sheet), but by the minutes of the meeting. Fully verified, fully authentic.
        No one wants the truth. I know, I tried back when he first ran for President and ever since. Started with the "big" names and worked my way down. I've since given up. No one wants to know.
        Now are you going to call me a conspiracy theorist? To be honest, I don't really care.
        Comments like yours is part of the reason others with "rock-solid" proof are hesitant to come forward. If you haven't noticed, with enough money, ANY proof can be twisted and the person made out to be a fool. The CIA or even Obama has no reason to worry anymore. The people are now helping him to defame anyone who comes forward.
        Enjoy the spoils.

  2. No surprises there. The big one will be if anyone has the backbone to persue it.

  3. Birth Cert for Birth Cert. Social Security Card for Social Security card. College Records for College Records. Tax Records for Tax Records.
    Romney, as our LEADER, must require this of Obama. If he is LEGAL, then he should be able to provide proof & be WILLING to provide the truth.
    We need to demand it, we need to demand that Romney require it.
    I have to prove MY citizenship & SSN & all before I can do just about anything, so whay can't OBAMA?!?!?!?

    • Rich Slonaker says:

      Ron Paul 2012… the real leader of the republican party.

    • Angelicsweep says:

      It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that obama IS an Indonesian citizen. NO WHERE has it been shown that obama had filed for American citizenship when coming here…what American citizenship he may have claimed, was OVER when his step-father ADOPTED HIM! Little barry BECAME an INDONESIAN and has STAYED that way unless he applied for US citizenship!!! Either way, obama IS NOT, WAS NOT and NEVER WILL BE eligible to be where he is!

  4. Buck U. Ofama says:

    START A PETITION ON YOUR STATE. Don't ask… DEMAND that your state Attorney General support and investigate the evidence disclosed by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department in Arizona. They claim to have absolute proof of Forgery, Fraud, Conspiracy and Obstruction of Justice by the Federal Government. What could be a bigger story than that? Could make any AG an instant celeb… and Famous American Hero.

  5. Obama is a big fat FRAUD!!!,!

  6. I bet no one remebers me at my university, and I probably wouldn't remember my classmates except if they were hot girls. Still, Obama is a fraud. There is no way a slacker like Obama could have gone to Columbia and Harvard with his work habits.

  7. FlyTyer2 says:

    I'm unsure of how the Country of Birth/US CItzenship interpretations apply to the Office of the President. Can you be born in Hawaii but gain citzenship in another country (Indonesia) and then, lets assume, regain your US Citzenship and later serve as President? If you can lawfully do that according to the way the laws are written, then the laws need to be re-written. If you cannot do that, and Obama has accomplished that, then we need to throw Obama out of office.

    • FlyTyer2 says:

      To be clear, we need to throw Obama out anyway we can. But, if he has violated the laws, we may be able to do it before November.

      • BillyJean says:

        Those other crooks in the WH they know what is going on, they know the truth, none of those people have intergrity. They are only protecting themselves from not loosing their high paying jobs in the WH. Little do they know once this imposter get re-lected they too will loose their jobs. He is loyal to know one.

  8. The week Obama was born, I read that all Immigration records for that week are missing. So why that week, was he born in Kenya and then his mother left for the US after he was born?

  9. ever one knows this but no one has the power or balls to do anything about it.

    • BillyJean says:

      harry reid has the power, he dosn't have the balls, he is a little man with no balls and no integrity

  10. Americans, don't do anything to mess up getting this man voted out.

  11. Edwardkoziol says:

    I believe that Root is telling the truth but what good does it do.This teflon half coon is untouchable because 90% of the media is in his pocket.These reporters would sell their children before turning on Obutthole.

  12. nathanbickel says:

    It is almost becoming a joke to have Obama as a candidate for the office he has illegally occupied. The politicians who have gone along with this are shameless; they have become enablers. And, the media is no better. I'd like to substantiate the last part of my comment, with a link. But, I don't know if this site allows evidencing links. So, please, Google:


    Suck-up Media Enjoy Brief White House Banquet Break, Before Crawling Back Into Obama’s Anus

  13. Obama is a fraud and I want him taken down out of power. This is a disgrace. I say a million people should descend on Washington and demand Obama leave office. I'd also like to see Speaker Boehner removed for allowing this charade to continue. He is the speaker of the house and should be standing up and demanding an investigation into Obama. When the records are un-sealed and its revealed that Obama isn't a legal citizen, he should immediately be removed.

  14. What an absolute sham Obama and his entire administration is, yet there is not one member of congress who will stand up and demand accountability of this fraud. That fact to me puts all of the elected congress into question and also the so-called Supreme Court that has jammed one disaster after another down American's throats.

    • Ric Shaw says:

      Yep, O'SHAMBO!

    • I believe the reason no one in congress will say anything against Obama is because he has friends in low places that can make a person disappear and they are all waiting for someone else to do it and are afraid of Obama.

  15. Helen VanEck Holub says:

    I believe all of this article and have since he wrote his first book and told us that he did not like Americans or his white mother! If anyone read that book before they went crazy and said he was for 'change!' We want to keep our American ways, our flag, our Constitution and Declaration of Independence and our song, just as it is and most importantly, keep God and prayer in our lives. Those who don't want to say prayers or don't believe in God, then leave and let us Americans continue to BE American citizens, as we should be allowed to do according to all of the above. I pledge to the flag with my hand on my heart, not elsewhere, and believe that all man is equal. Greed and power has much to do with this farce that we are living in now and we must have jobs for those who come home from fighting for our country and trying to help other countries who are in trouble. It's time for them to fight on their own now. We have done all that we can. Our Military families need homes, jobs and an American President who believes in them. If this man wins again, it will be out of pure insanity on the part of those who vote for him, because he wants a Communist country with Muslim prayers and the Koran. Please, whatever you do, don't vote for this man. It can only lead to more hardship for us and for many generations to come. I hope Mitt believes this as well. We need an American leader who believes in American and its citizens! Helen VanEck Holub

  16. F. E. B. Seelhorst says:

    Obumma was born in Kenya!! Lucas Daniel Smith got it from the Coast Province Hospital, Mombasa
    British Protecoturate of Kenya. Just google: wasobamaborninkenya July 4, 2010 Lucas Daniel Smith sent Nancy Pelosi, by certified mail, a letter with a copy of the Kenyan birth certificate. He also sent the fame letter to every member of the 110 Congress. So every member of congress has failed to uphold the Constitution and protedt American citizens from a Muslim-communist dictator. Pelosi & Reid should be removed from office and pension forfited. Obama's mother took him to Indonesia.Lolo Soetoro adopted him which made him Indonesian citizen.

  17. All the proof in the world has come forth that Obama is not a natural citizen of the US, so why hasn't he been impeached? As long as he is in the WH, he is going to continue to destroy this country and we are sitting back and letting him. He ignored a a judges rule to show up in court and no one did anything. If you or I didn't show up we would be hunted down and still be in jail. Why is he getting away with all the illegal things he's doing? Congress is not the only ones that can impeach him. I read if enough people get together we can impeach him. It's time. I think the Tea Party is large enough to do it.

  18. Equalizer18 says:

    WHAT is the American Freedom Loving Citizen waiting for BEFORE this man is Removed From Office for committing TREASON against the American Law-Abiding Citizen??????

    ANYONE Know WHAT are WE WAITING FOR???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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