Video: Rep. Southerland On Obama’s Identity Fraud

Congressman Steve Southerland blames Sen. Harry Reid for the fact that Obama has not been impeached for document fraud.

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  1. Congressman Steve Southerland said it exactly right! Very Good Clip!

  2. While I agree that Obama needs to be voted out on the 6th, Congressman Southerland, I have a question for you…Do you feel as though the Actions of our Elected Politicians in Washington haven't made that "mess" worse?? Yes, Obama had a Democratic Majority for the first 2 years of his term, but don't you think once the Republicans gained control of the House of Representative, that you and those who serve along side you aren't also culpable for what we have now?? If you actually did your jobs, there would be no NDAA, and other "Security" Legislation that is eroding away our Rights and Freedoms. You could have sent up Impeachment proceedings for "Operation Fast and Furious", but Didn't. You could have sent up Impeachment Articles for his using the Military in Libya without the U.S. Congress allocating to him the "War Powers Act" as the U.S. Constitution stipulates he must!! You could have sent up Articles of Impeachment for his Unconstitutional Executives Orders such as his "Dream Act" Executive Order which is Unconstitutional because the U.S. Constitution state ONLY CONGRESS has the Power and Authority to pass laws concerning Immigration and Naturalization. You could also now send up an Article of Impeachment for his handling (or lack there of) of Benghazi!! These are just 4 examples, and there are even more that I could list. If you actually did your jobs like you were supposed to have been, Obama could have been reigned in even if Harry Reid stood in the way, and it would also have shown the constituents of those who stood in the way of what is Right and Proper, exactly who needs to be removed from Congress for taking a Political side over the needs/wants of their Constituents!! They are there to serve their Constituents Needs, not their own Political Needs!!

    • James Loney says:

      David you are so right. These guys have done nothing. I guess they are afraid of the first "black" president while failing to realize that the guy is not black but half & half. I really think that the only answer is to kick them all out. Why do we need all of these anyhow? No more than they do I would think that maybe a 2 or 3 month term would be enough,and pay them accordingly!!

  3. Linda from NYC says:

    I like to know what powers does obama has over all of these politicians, they are afraid to stand up to this illegal president, and yet we all know that none of obama's personal documents of proof of IDs stands up. These politicians say they represent the citizens but yet are letting Americans down. This congressman said for the people to vote obama out on Nov 6, OK, however we need help!!! becasue their are plenty of useful idiots that are going to vote and even cheat for this illegal president and their could be a good chance of this illegal president being re-elected, then what? We will be screwed!! I think this congressman and all the others are a bunch of cowards!!! Harry Reid is a coward and a crook, Lets not forget ever all of these politicians who lets us down, they too should be voted out.

  4. Chuck Holmes says:

    My suggestion to this congressman or any other is to introduce a background check even more thorough than what we needed to get a secret clearance in the military. If something isn't clear and cannot be verified, then they don't pass the smell test. This needs to be done at the time they apply to be a candidate for office. This includes all the items that have been cussed and discussed for four years already. We the people, not we the politicians!!!

  5. Iamacitizen2 says:

    What a pathetic video and chock full of deceit, lies and cover ups. If this is the best representation America has to send to D.C. a man that can't even spit out his words properly and coherently then no wonder our country is screwed. I honestly do not give dang hoot what party he represents but honestly he is disgusting.

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