Video: Rep. Gowdy Fights Back Tears As He Dresses Down IRS Officials

Gowdy talks of furloughing police officers, teachers and others in his district, while IRS staffs were squandering tax dollars on opulent conferences.

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  1. Linda From NY says:

    Congressman Gowdy is the best, how he put these IRS officials in their place and shaming them for squandering tax dollars while other government workers making far less money are struggling to make ends meet. Shame on all of these people from the IRS who have no character of decency, these are obama’s people, what can we expect from these criminals.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    We need more Gowdys and less Cummings who stick up for the IRS.

  3. This gentleman absolutely nailed it!!! The problem is that nothing will come of it. Barry will continue to protect those that serve him. He needs immoral, no integrity subhuman zombies that will throw their family and neighbors over the side and stop at nothing to serve his bidding.
    A prime example is the appointment Barry made when he gave Tim Geithner control of the IRS. Imagine if a conservative did that. Appointed a tax cheat to lead the IRS. This whole obama regime is a cancer and the host(us) is slowing dying, being eaten alive. The main propblem is that nothing ever gets done, nobody ever gets punished, the elite eat cake that we bought for them and we eat dirt and are told we should be grateful to get it. The scariest part is if the hildebeast gets the keys…try and imagine how bad it will get…scary…scary…scary…PS Ed I was born in Newberry SC but my Dad was a Texan and brought us here when I was just 3 yrs old so that is where I make my stand…Remember the Alamo!!!!!!!!!

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