Video: Rand Paul: Fight The Nanny State

The more I watch Rand Paul, the more I like him. Without the over isolationist foreign policy of his Dad, Ron Paul, Rand Paul is becoming the most effective Tea party leader in the US Senate. He is not afraid to take his message to the people as he did in this speech to the Tea Party Express in Austin, Texas. Rand should be the GOP VP nominee in 2012.

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  1. I love Rand Paul! I wish he was running for President.

  2. madhatter15 says:

    I wpould like ot see a little Isolation right aobut now, China is building huge Industrial parks complet with homes to live in, they do not hire Americans but Obama is including them in his jobs, they just bought mor eland in Mich. and are building large beautiful homes complete withj manmade lakes, for Chinese only, you don't think we; should isolate ourselves for awhile? should we bring a million more incompatible muslims in, that might be a good idea, mean while the ocmmies and nazis are taking over and we are worried ao but isolationism? if Ron Paul were President you wouldnt' hav eisolationism because there would have been no war wit libya or Syria or anywhere else so there wouls hav ebeen no need for them ot ocme here, alsop Obama is a Muslim and his father was in the Msulim Brotherhood for 30 years, thanks goodness we are not isolationists, we would have missed all this. We can't impeach Obama he is not a valid sitting President, we can arrest him though, perhaps a citizens arrest, then invalidate him, thats all we can do.

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