Video: Rand Paul Exposes Obama’s False Claims On Debt Reduction

We know Obama lies about the budget. He knows he lies about the budget. But it is good to have a member of the United States Senate willing to say Obama lies when he claims to have reduced the budget. Go Rand Paul!

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  1. Obama is exactly what the definition of a lawyer is joked to be.
    If he went to law school and he is moving his lips, then he is lying.
    The State of the Union address was nothing more than a reshuffle of his campaign speeches. In fact everytime Obama speaks it is nothing more that a reshuffle of one or more of his campaign speeches.
    The man is constantly in lecture mode and he never has a single word to say that is original.
    Oh, that is a lie, when he gave his first speech about the stock market and got stuck on the PE ratio meaning, that was original and showed us what a dufis we had elected…

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