Video: Racist Bill Maher “Warns” Romney Supporters

“Black people know who you are, and they will come after you.”

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  1. Bill Maher has smoked too much weed.

  2. Maher, I hope the White people will come after you. You are really a mental case, aren't you?

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Some times I wish someone with the experience of a SEAl or Ranger would go up to him and clean his clock and make that ugly face look like hamburg.I know if I was head of the mafia Maher would be joining Hoffa being prerved in concrete.

  4. His time is coming and he will stand at the White Throne Judgement….His mouth will be shut forever….Just one man's opinion

  5. Dr. Boogie says:

    Bill Maher's not intimidating at all, in fact he's a bullying, racist, loudmouthed moron who has sucked the brains of the zombie culture and no more. The scary part? The extent of the zombie culture.

  6. molly & me says:

    Bill Maher I'm a Romney voter & I know where you are. Ha Ha just kidding. You forgot to say that barack hussein obama is as white as he is black or he may be lying that his mother was white, he lies about everything else, Americans don't know only God knows.

  7. molly & me says:

    Bill Maher you will find out about your savior barack hussein obama if he gets re-elected when he throws you hollywood types under the bus & follows his communist French President raising taxs on anyone who earns a milloion dollars or more will be taxed 75% of their earnings. Your fellow hollywood type johnny depp ran from France like a scared pirate & abandoned Frances ship when he got the news, he loves his money more than anything else.

  8. molly & me says:

    Bill Maher molly & me think you are a bulls–ter just like barack hussein obama.

  9. disgusted says:

    Hey Billy boy, so, you are “coming after” us? oh, dear, I am sooo scared………….ya, right. You are such a dumbassed racist that you stink. You are ugly, stupid, racist, dimwitted, and truly now, you aren’t even funny. Your hair needs washed, by the way, and why haven’t you had some facial reconstruction already, you have enough money, that nose of yours puts the nose of the deceased George Burns to shame! And his nose was one awesome honker! Yours isn’t even good looking like his was! And, your eyes are too close together, you have that “horse face” going on there. Now, all this is bad enough, but when you open your mouth, the real ugly shows too clearly then, if you had a personality, it would help, but you don’t even have one of those either. With so much that you are without, one would think that you would take a good look in your mirror and take the time to see what the rest of us see. Pure UGLY! From the inside on out, you have a dreadful case of seriously bad UGLY going on! Instead of wasting that million bucks on the other BUTT UGLY BABOON, why the devil didn’t you spend it on some serious cosmetic surgery??? Really, Bill. You could have had a nice looking face, instead all you got for your money was robbed, robbed by the monkey in the White House. If I have to be robbed, I’d prefer to be robbed by someone who doesn’t have ape arms, purple lying lips, and the ears of an uglier than ugly baboon! On top of being ugly, Bill, you are stupid as well. And, you simply cannot fix stupid, so I guess you are stuck with just UGLY! Do the women you date run screaming when the lights go on? I sure would, if I were stupid enough to walk across the street and find you there on the sidewalk. What a truly UGLY DICKFACE you have Billy.

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