Video: Prostitution & Drugs Permeated Clinton’s State Dept.

Diplomatic Security Service awash in Sex, Drugs and Hookers

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  1. hanginjudge says:

    Just one more Obama stooge "what dunno nuttin bout nuttin". After all she din't know nuttin bout Billy's dalliances if you are stupid enough to believe that.
    Maybe she's running the ring! "Madam Hillary" after all she's practically working for poverty level wages. Poor girl needs to supplement her income somehow.

  2. It should be a surprise to no one that prostitution and drugs permeated Clinton's state department (it was headed by a Clinton and the Clinton's have zero morals).

  3. Hillery is a pice of scum she should be in prison for life right along with Ovmit Piglsi and dirty harry they all are murders and we want to see them suffer just like those people suffered at there comand

  4. A. Patriot says:

    She had tons of practice LYING and PRETENDING that she "see's nothing" while with slick willy in the White House as another so-called "President" IGNORED EVERYTHING TOO !!!! He even got IMPEACHED !!!
    The ENTIRE barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama) administration is ONE BIG BAD JOKE ANYWAY !!! They DO NOT CARE about the American People, JUST THEMSELVES !!!

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    The Clinton are the masterminds of illusion they make David Copperfield look like a school boy.Both Hitlary and Slick Willy invented the craft of lying even under oath .she should be in jail for her handling of Benhgazi.

  6. Is this what happens when you have too much money, too much power? How sad, she forgot she was there to serve the people. Worst part she forgot her own values and I notice just because Obama is dishonest, so is everybody else involved with him.
    I pray these people are removed and are legally held accountable for all they have done.

    • OM Beatts says:

      mrrzk, I have to disagree. Hillary NEVER had any notion to serve the people. Her plan since Arkansas days has always been to serve herself at great expense to the taxpayers. And as long as dimocrats are in control, there will be no accountability.

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