Video: Pro-Obama Media Elitist Admits He was “Not Ready to be President”

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Tina Brown, the British-born socialite who launched The Daily Beast in 2008 before taking over Newsweek, has done something remarkable: she has formulated her first correct political analysis. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday morning, she said Barack Obama was not ready to be president.

The discussion centered around whether New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would enter the Republican presidential primaries. Tina weighed in:

Actually, I just hope he doesn’t, because in the end, you know his tremendous misgivings — maybe he is right. I mean, we had this with Obama. He wasn’t ready, it turns out, really.

Although Christie would present an incalculable improvement over Obama, I agree on both counts. I have written repeatedly that government-mandated discrimination policies combined with Obama’s “superficial charm and scripted speaking ability vaulted him well beyond his competence.”

Christie had repeatedly said he is not interested in being president and, more to the point, I’m not ready…to walk into the Oval Office and to lead the nation.” Nonetheless, he remains a favorite of some Establishment Republicans, who hope Christie’s candidacy will force the rank-and-file to choose between two center-right, non-Southern governors.

Brown is no Tea Party maven. She has sanded the sheen of journalistic respectability off Newsweek, running covers that make conservatives such as Michele Bachmann look demented. However, she is part of a growing chorus of chic media pundits who supported Obama in 2008 but have begun belatedly questioning his capabilities. A growing number of Democrats do not want Obama to run for re-election in 2012, because they know an ebbing tide grounds all boats. Meanwhile, left-wing true believers insist Obama has not done enough to force a conservative-leaning country into a socialist straight jacket.

Obama’s naivete married to his ideological extremism and his aversion to criticism have produced a president everyone can shun, pity, or disdain. Obama wanted to bring the country together. He will get his chance when American voters turn him out of office in 2012 in an unprecedented show of national unity.

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  1. He was never legal to be president.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Lets face facts Obummer was never ready to be president however he was the right color well half the right color.Back in Chicago all he was was a community gang leader and the white politicians seen him as a electable person who they could control and by giving his wife the Grape Ape no show jobs with all the big money and benefits they knew they would lure him in.Now the republicans want to do the same thing to Christie and this is wrong see what he does as governor then put him on this pedestal like Ann Coulter wants.

  3. Tina Brown et al her Obamamania ilk in the media should be arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned for life.

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