Video: Pregnant Woman Stops 2 Home Invaders With Husband’s Gun

Two men were attempting to invade the woman’s home shortly after the husband left for work. The wife was alone and explains that her husband insisted on purchasing a gun some months back. She was against the idea at the time, but the home invasion attempt gave her a completely different perspective. Owning a gun changed the dynamic of the situation (and saved her life). She is now extremely thankful her husband insisted on buying a gun.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    A gun can be a good thing and this incident proves it. How long would it have took for the police to get there. In this story they didn't say if these 2 were illegal aliens that Obutthole, Holder,mcCain ,Graham and the democrap liberals like and want amnesty for.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    That's right Ed. She had 2 ways of addressing the situation:
    1 The Obama way of calling 911 and waiting 45 minutes for a response, the result is a dead wife and baby!
    2 The second amendment way of protecting yourself, especially in your own home, the result should of been 2 less burglars.

    • The only thing missing from this story is that the two assholes were not carted out of that house in body bags. She should have put slugs in each of their heads…..which would have made a strong example as to the very choices these asshole criminals make. Good for her and her husband for purchasing that gun. and as far as Obutthead still being in office, I blame Congress at this point for allowing him to get away with everything that he gets away with day in and day out. Noe one of those pussies have the guts to pull the trigger on Impeaching his ass……shame on them…

  3. Guns save lives!!!! I bet she buys her own now!

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