Video: Powerful Video From A Former Obama Supporter

The top five reasons Barack Obama should not be re-elected as President.

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  1. Brother Paul, says:
  2. Elizabeth says:


  3. Before Obama was elected I saw through him he did not wear our flag on his suit nor saluted
    our flag. It has been a downward decline ever since. This Lady God Bless her is right on
    with her 5 points why Obama and his team should not be re-elected. I could write a composition
    on many more reasons not to vote for Obama but her 5 hit home. Please before it's to late, we
    will not have another chance to save our beautiful America do not vote for Obama. Besides
    Obamacare which will take over our rights and what else is in the bill? We don't know, don't
    take a chance and vote for this guy again, be smart and vote for Mr. Romney. God Bless

  4. We are DOOMED IF barak is re-elected

  5. god will smile upon this woman for her eyes have opened….thank god

  6. Sreynolds says:

    These pukes should be swinging from the gallows, what complete, unAmerican pieces of shit!!!

  7. Obama is gonna win because Mitt ROMNEY flip flops and acts retarded…when giving his statement…being a republican I can't see Mitt winning…sorry…God is in control anyway…we will see come November! 1st hes pro life then hes well except rape and incest.

    • Hallie Roberts says:

      Romney is not perfect, but Obama is 10,000 times worse! Obama will finish this country off if he wins 4 more years! Don’t do it! Vote for Romney-Ryan, our only hope!

    • rape and incest are totally different than having sex willfully. if you made a choice, you need to suffer the consequences…and denying a being an unalienable right (life) should not be an option.

  8. oh brother these retards are so brainwashed seriously, only retards think that supporting a republican is going to change anything. real americans are independant! stop supporting the two party system.

  9. You should watch the clip you're commenting on. Soros DOES NOT support Romney. He says he's considered a "traitor to his class" because of it.

  10. What a load of crap. This woman, in fact this entire site, is spouting nothing but lies and fear-mongering. She, and you, should be ashamed of yourselves. Whether you vote for Romney, Obama, Ron Paul, or (like me) for the Green Party, you should base those votes on actual facts and ignore this kind of insane tripe.

  11. there is much documented facts about obama, see the movie obama 2012, occupiers unmasked, read the book the amateur by ed kline, dreams from my father, check them out and be prepared!

  12. Gene Goshorn says:

    It's one thing to have an opinion, but yet another to make up hateful "facts" against a duly-elected President of the United States, whose main "crime" seems to be passage of a national health plan. And where is this promised polite discussion of ideas that is considerate of others, which is your stated policy..

    Guest commentator Gene

  13. All these politics are a bunch of crap. Give this country over to Pee Wee Herman!
    These ass clowns running now have no clue what to do with the mess this country is in. All they can possible hope for is that the problems will either go away by themselves or hope for a war where they can wipe the slate clean.
    I see a new world order coming into effect soon. People are just fed up with all these political games and no end in site. A war within the country is not too far away. People are just fed up with being pushed around by leaders who only fill their own pockets with money and gains. I really don't see and positive future in site, it just gets worse.

  14. Obama is a monster.

  15. Wait a minute… I though America wants to promote homosexuality… don't we need 4 more years of Yobama and Closet Clooney fund raisers to make that happen. If Obama isn't re-elected people might start saying "Muslim terrorists" again when Muslim terrorist are responsible for killing people… I though America wants to blame that on youtube posted videos instead. I thought America wants to tax the rich to pay for frivillous give aways like the Yabama phone. If he isn't re-elected, nobody is going to do that. So what does America really want?

  16. The populace does not elect the President. In fact, the President is not ELECTED, the President is SELECTED. So vote all you want to the decision has already been made at Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove.

  17. I hope there are more Dems or undecideds out there that have come to their senses like this woman has. WE NEED EVERY VOTE TO WIN OUR COUNTRY BACK!

  18. A very astute friend of mine, to whom I sent this video, asked me who created this video. She said that it did not look like an amateur video, but looks like it was professionally done.
    So, I went on a search and found out that Janet Porter IS president of Faith2Action AND I also found this….
    "She also flip-flopped over McCain, at first saying only "sheep" would vote for McCain over Huckabee, then putting on her Little Bo Peep costume to guide the sheep over to McCain's corner after endorsing him when he secured the nomination."

  19. watching the clip of the President on The View is misleading, it has been edited to seem as though he blew the question off, and that is not the case. If this isn't represented correctly then, what else isn't?

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