Video: Poll Worker Headed To Prison For Voter Fraud

Five years in prison for Ohio poll worker

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  1. Of course she would play victim. It's taking after Obama. I imagine he'd have the same defense if he were on the stand (except he'd be answering for ALL the voter fraud that took place in both 2008-2012 elections). Also, the Judge said if Obama heard about this (which sort of implies to me that he wont) he'd be appalled. Secretly? No. Obama would not be appalled. But, to save face and serve the public another helping of red herring, he'd make a public statement saying that he is "shocked and appalled…and-and…uh….nothing like this should ever happen…uh…again?" Heck, the only reason he WOULD be appalled is for the fact that this woman was caught. He should be scarred, now. He should be because his whole scheme could unravel and he could be left in a very difficult position where he can't weasel out so easily.

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