Video: Plouffe: Obama Is Going To Push His Gun Ban Through Congress

Team Obama is going to push for the Gun ban as hard as they pushed for Obamacare, the Bank Bailouts, Tax Increases and all the other legislation they have pushed through Congress. As long as Obama is in the White House the Second Amendment is at risk.

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  1. Jack the FAC says:

    And as usual, our republi-crat "representatives" will cave, as they always do.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Plouffe is a boytoy for Obutthole just look at him but he is telling you that Obutthole will get his way and nobody will stop him.Republicans are a weak bunch of spineless turds lead by a turd.They are more worried about 2014 elections then doing what is right for the country.You listen to plouffy and he is telling you about Obuthole new taxfree organization designed to push his agenda through.Barry is the one who wants the rich to pat more so he sets up an organization who doesn't pay with Gibby the white monkey in charge.

  3. Eddie Fudd says:

    But what the "illegal alien" will NOT be able to avoid, is this: Life Sentence for Treason@ Gitmo Detention Center, Cuba. Good riddance…

  4. It's one thing to push through legislation and another to enforce it. Many of us will not abide by any subversion of our Constitutional rights. I, and many others, are willing to die to protect our Constitutional rights so anyone who comes to take away our rights had better be willing to die also.

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