Video: Piers Morgan Defends The Nanny State: “People Need Nannying”

“Isn’t he right to be a nanny?” Morgan said of New York Mayor Bloomberg’s large soda ban. “People need nannying.”

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  1. Morgan, go back to England if they will have you otherwise you and Obama can go to Kenya. Quit screwing with out republic.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Keeping this foreign piece of shit on the air is outrageous if Morgan wants a nanny state then go back to jolly ole England and leave this country alone. We kicked the limeys out in 1776 so why would we want a nutbag like this telling us what we should.i forgot if the jerkball goes back to England he'd be arrested probably for molesting kids.With all the good American news people why would a network hire a scuzzball.

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