Video: Piers Morgan: Bible, Constitution ‘Inherently Flawed’

Piers Morgan, the “man without a country,” as there is a petition to deport him back to the UK and a petition in the UK to keep him out of the UK, is at it again, attacking not only our Constitution but the Bible as well!

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  1. Oh what a hypocrite Piers Morgan is!! He complains that their isn't more "Civil Discourse" on the situations he covers, but yet he is always the one that is being rude. Just like in this clip as he states the Bible is "Flawed" which is only his Opinion, but expects everyone to bow down to the Mental Midget Intellect that he has. Generally I don't agree with Abortion except in the cases of Incest and Rape, but in his case I would have made an exception all those years ago before he was born.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Why can't we send the dickhead to Mexico.

    • Amen my American brother. He is turning our country upside down and sideways. I can't stand the sight of his or his wife's face. He can kiss my white ass and get out of the black house! hehe!

  3. hanginjuge says:

    The only thing "inherently flawed" is Morgans brain, or lack thereof. Unfortunately lunatics are allowed not only to walk our streets, but to have access to microphones where they can spout their "inherently flawed" drivel in clear contradiction to facts.

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