Video: Piers Morgan And Guests Openly Call For Alex Jones’ Murder

Daily Beast sports columnist Buzz Bissinger appeared on Piers Morgan’s program in response Alex Jones’ appearance.

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  1. So the anti gun nuts aren't against violence and are looking for it to happen..First any NRA member, not Alex Jones..Who else?

    These libs are true whack jobs!

    • oldgringo says:

      True….It's the Liberal Whack Jobs who have been shooting up the Country…..Not an NRA member nor a Republican…..Nor a Christian….Not a Vetran….Nor a Business Owner….Nor a Patriot…..Only Liberal Democrats want to bring violence upon ohters especially if folks do not agree with their Liberal philosophy…..Then they want to go out and shoot some one or a bunch of innocent children…..What a sick nation the liberal Democrats have made this country!

  2. When a true liberal lefty disagrees with someone they threaten murder. Then they wonder why they're accused of being a little mentally unbalanced.

  3. Piers Morgan is not an American. He's a Brit……just like the ones we ran out of this country in 1776 and again in 1812. They never seem to learn. We will never be one of their Colonies. Anyhow, he's ugly, rude, and arrogant and he's not one of us. He can get the hell out of my country today. In fact, I'll pay for his airline ticket back to the UK…..ONE WAY ONLY!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm with you run this limey out of town,then boycott the sponsors who hired him.Where is George Washington and Andrew Jackson when you need them to get rid of the lobster backs.

  4. to buzz did your parents ever have any children that lived,if i had a face like yours i would shave my as and walk backwards.

  5. See how violent the left is!

  6. stop watching these assclown when ratings drop there asses will be on a plain

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    We should get a gang together and go after these pieces of shit a bullet is too good for them.My choice would be a baseball bat and since that one idiot wanted to pop Alex I would take the bat hit him in the spine so that he would never talk or walk again,he'd be like Christopher Reeves and I'd do it to the bitch. Killing them would be to easy.

  8. Piers Morgan is no American and he should keep his mouth shut

  9. See it's o.k. For liberal lefties like those in the above video. To do the hate speech, call for someones murder and all kinds of unspeakable things.. And get a total pass and everyone is amused with their comments.. Remember the twitter murder threats agains Romney? Not a word from the media or law inforcement.. (i knew right then we as a country were in peril)
    There are a few..not many… on the right who get pretty worked up too, and speak/ shout their mind.. when that happens they are called lunaticks and should be jailed for life!! Even a child can see the hypocricy..

    The lefts tactics have been working for them for quite awhile now. Shouting a lie at the top of their lungs..again and again until finally they themselves believe it to be the truth..and so do most of the people.. But Folks are starting to get upset with the double standard, the unfairness in the reporting by the MSM.. cuz real life isn't like that.. The everyday hardworking american is starting to realize something terrible is happening to us…
    It is only a matter of time now… Folks are waking up.

  10. Thes are Godless people..there will be no place to hide.

  11. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Petition to deport Piers Morgan for subversion. This time his crime is labeled with corresponding documentation.
    Help get signatures!

  12. Anti-gun people calling out for someone to get shot…….hmmm……….credibility out the window? Did a foreigner just call a hit on an American?

  13. Most all guns are semi automatic……..This guy is confused

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