Video: Petraeus Mistress: Benghazi Cover-up About Secret CIA Prison

The alleged mistress of CIA Director David H. Petraeus threw a wrench into the Obama administration machinations with some new information about the Benghazi attack: it was about retribution for the CIA imprisoning Libyan militia members in Benghazi.

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  1. Do you realize this video (Petraeus Mistress: Benghazi Cover-up About Secret CIA Prison) has 2 people talking at the same time. You cannot hear the speaker in this video at all due to someone talking over her – loudly, with small-talk. I tried to watch it twice, but now that it is playing over a third time- or the second time without refreshing I can finally hear the speaker. I am wondering if this video has been compromized by those who don't want us to hear it.

  2. Sacrificing Petraus will not work: its Obama who must pay for the treasonous act of BENGHAZI !!!

  3. Puddentain says:

    Obama could walk into the Pentagon and grab every Top Secret document in there,,,fly to Afgahnastan and hand them over to the Taliban while giving each of them a passport and plane ticket to the U.S.,,,,,and nothing would be done about it.

    • yes, we knew that when we allowed him access in 2008 to all these facilities without being vetted
      Unfortunately, there are people in control of our world that have their own agenda, so no matter what we do to try to turn the tide, it is inevitable that evil men are going to do the damage for ordained. We also have to realize that there is such an entity that is at work that is anti God, who is trying to be god and we know his name. He is also trying and working overtime to control the world and kill off mankind and do any and as much destruction as he can. We are not powerless but we have to take a spiritual stand, not just a natural one and when the heart turns back to the Lord, then we will have peace, but not until. The evil one is in the world, working through evil men to accomplish the destruction of all that is good.

    • I'm sure he has already done this number.

  4. Tatersalad says:

    Secret prisons by the CIA and under the Barack Obama administration.? This is what the President "was" against, got elected on and now he is involved with the same thing. Al Qaeda is alive,bin Laden is dead and the prison are alive and doing well it seems. The President is by far the biggest Liar-in-Chief and the worst of the worst Presidents…………ever!

    • Linda From NY says:

      well said, the worst president ever. I can't understand these emptyheaded blind people who defend him no matter what, such as Huff****post, most of these morons love the potus. Never mind that the this nazi will take Forward this country to socialisim.

  5. lets stay on the four people getting killed who cares about the mistress

    • I wouldn't say I don't care about the mistresses because yomama and holder are throwing people under the bus to cover up for themselves.

  6. sounds like she is trying to cover for Hillary and Obama's minions…they forced her lover out to stop him from talking..probably threatened his family…Obama belongs in prison.He is an evil dictator.
    Obama's muslim marxist Valeri Jarrett has said that all against Obama will suffer deeply soon..

  7. Puddentain says:

    This is only a smoke screen to cover up the MASSIVE voter fraud that has taken place right under our nose. Are you kidding me??….150+ precincts vote 99% Obama EACH?!?!?!……And some precincts report 140% voter turnout suggesting that people voted when they weren't registered to vote!!!………..How in the world does an "Affair" merit 90% main stream media coverage when this election has been blatantly manipulated and is a MUCH more important issue??

  8. Edwardkoziol says:

    Can you imagine the head of the CIA couldn't keep his infidelity under cover.I guess he is not a good spook.Now he can go into Wm.Jefferson Clinton Hall of Fame.Obutthole will present Petraeus with the Golden Penis award on New Years..

  9. I couldnt hear a word she was saying. AllI could see were those muscles. I'm sure I'll have somehing to say when I can gather back my concentration.

  10. I suggest you all get on and write complaints to your Congressmen. Singing to the same choir does not work. Bombard them with letters…no profanity (though the highest up in the Adm. have the foulest mouths), and tell them you are tired of his Marxist policies, his dictatorship, and that he should be impeached for Benghazi-Gate, the gun running to al-Queda, the death of 4 Americans and the cover up. Don't let thems get away with this!!!!

  11. Well no matter what, I believe Obama should be impeached, I swear people these days all go for they hype and what people say instead of what people can do, we've seen Obama fail these past 4 years and we're letting him back in, what sense does that make. In my eyes Obama is like a lawyer, he will do anything to win the case even cover up even if his client is guilty. All Obama is is a good speech with no action or hope for the future, but people don't look at the future impact this will have compared to Romney being elected. For people who voted not knowing a crap about politics or what each candidate has done compared to what he/she is saying they'll do should not be allowed to vote because in all honesty those are the people who are ignorant people holding this country down.

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