Video: Petraeus Love Triangle Part Of Benghazi Cover-up

We know David Petraeus heroically served this country for four decades.

We know his alleged mistress Paula Broadwell graduated with honors at West Point and was an exemplary officer, going on to military and later academic excellence.

The only person we know little about is the “other woman”—Jill Kelley—the woman who supposedly received threatening emails from Broadwell. Who brought the whole sordid Petraeus/Broadwell affair down in a crash.

Would it surprise you to know she may not be an American citizen?

Would it surprise you to know she arrived in the United States in the 1970s from Lebanon?

Would it surprise you to know she is in debt to the tune of $4 million dollars from giving lavish parties at her mansion for top military brass?

Would it surprise you to know her twin sister is in bed with the Democrat party and is also deeply in debt?

How convenient, when we find out Broadwell was singing like a bird about what really happened in Benghazi. How convenient when Petraeus was about to spill the beans to Congress—under oath this time.

Then the American people would have found out that Nobel Laureate Barack Obama had a secret CIA prison in Benghazi that was probably torturing apprehended terrorists. That Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty had indeed called for help and requested specifically Delta Force, and Barack Hussein Obama told them to “stand down.”

So Petraeus and Broadwell had to be stopped.

By any means necessary.

Can you say “treason,” America?

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    YOU betcha it is and don't forget the corrupt, fraud election that was 'stolen' from the real winners!!!!

  2. Les Warriner says:

    But But But we also know NOTHING about the Commander in Chief(?)

  3. Is anything going to be done about any of this or is it smoke and mirrors? It will disappear after a while maybe another month or two.

  4. Common sense tells us there is enough evidence against Obama for the House to begin impeachment proceeding. Since this is a bi-partisan issue maybe a few patriotic Democrats would like to see justice served?
    Sacrificing Petraus doesn't work; its Obama who must pay the price!!

    • Yeah, but with Reid still holding the Reins in the Senate, an Impeachment will never see the light of day until he is removed from Office.

  5. We have been saying treason for 4 years now. Everything he has done since moving in has reeked of treason. But no one does anything except let him get away with it…and he will get away with this, and those Americans will have died for nothing….and Petraeous' honorable and admirable career will have been completely in vain. Along with all of the American heroes who are serving now, and have served in the past. He is not yet finished destroying America, but, he's getting there.

  6. Treason and aid an comfort to the enemy! Forget impeachment try him for treason there are more than enough evidence to carry a conviction. His addition of the Terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood to Homeland Security, the White House and the office of the Secretary Of State. And it is very strange how soon after their inclusion all of the CIA's agents in the Middle East were named, hunted down and killed basically blinding our intelligence in the region allowing the Benghazi attack to occur with out warning. Then there is his continued funding of their groups using Tax payers funds to do so. Then he allowed the transport and sale of 125 M1A1 tanks and support to Egypt just as the regime fell and Now Obama is arranging for the transfer of two German Submarines, at our cost as well. They are removing Petraeus so he can not be forced to testify about the cover up of Benghazi just a distraction to the prurient interest of the people as a means to keep people from seeking the truth of the matter.

  7. You people are stupid and sore losers. The American people VOTED him back in. Suck it up you losers!

    • You're the loser… just to damn dumb to know how dumb you are… You think you are superior because "you" can perceive black people can be like "white" people. But what you can't perceive, because you're are "low consciousness," is you're being conned and played like a hee-haw guitar at the grand ole opry while proclaiming superiority like Bill Maher's insight to God.

    • Voted him back in my ass, he got back in by voter FRAUD just like 2008, 20 % of the votes were FRAUD and that is a lot of FRAUD and you are right the damm REPUBLICANS should shut down for doing nothing about the FRAUD.

    • The truth is half of the nation voted for Mitt, and 90 pecent of blacks voted for obama,they had to support their black messiah, the freeloaders and 70 percent Haspanics, relatives of the illegals and a whole pack of empty head women combine with voterfraud. That is why he won, but for now forget that, when obama runs this country into the ground and you will find yourself in poverty, blame it on yourself and everyone that voted for him. This healthcare will kill jobs and with millions of people on it at the same time, the economy will crash. Do you think you will get a decent healthcare treatment? NO!!! and if you get sick and need a life saving operation, guess what? the government will decide if you should get this operation. people will die, the government will play God on the lives of the people, they decise who get what. This info is in obama healthcare, it is there.

    • To Barry,
      when this country goes down, all Americans will be the losers and obama and his cronies will be living like kings. If you think obama care about you, you are wrong. Obama does not care about no one, he used people like you to get the votes. obama will throw you under the bus, just wait and see. When you find yourself without a job and living in poverty and wishing and praying for a better, then you will wake up. obams used you as a useful idiot.

  8. LOL…… There will be no impeachment. President Barack Obama is the president. So it is written, so shall it be. Stop throwing tantrums like school children. So juvenile!

    • Your name tells me who/what you are! We should cut off your check!!!

    • just another turd suckin IDIOT!!!

      • Thank you so much Rodney for proving my point. Tell your friends that the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. OBAMA ’12 ;-)

    • To laquitta,
      you are correct, there will be no impeachment, the whole government is corrupt. obama will bring down the country to a economy collaspe. Are freedoms will be taken and this will become another 3rd world socialist or communist nation. do not take my word for it, time will tell, obama is a muslim and he will one day replace the constitution with the sharia law. please do your reseach on obama and his upbringing, he was raise with communistic views. obama does not care about you or me, obama only cares about pleasing the muslim brotherhood. If we do not speak out for our country we lose to socialism. I know that you do not want that for yourself. please do the research on this man and find out for yourself.

    • you should take off that ugly wig you are wearing, your brain needs air. why do you people wear ugly wigs all the time? is it because you have stiff brillo hair?

    FLOYD BROWN is absolutely RIGHT. This love triangle is a part of the BIG COVER UP and Conspiracy to deflect the main issue of Benghazi, to the SILLY LOVE AFFAIRS of the General. We can not focus our investigation on the love triangle… The investigation should be focused on what happened in BENGHAZI and what Obama do and did not do… WE mus immediately impeach Obama or charge him with TREASON, without any delay. CONGRESS MUST DO THEIR jobs now, before Obama change all the laws of the land and abolish Congress.. He is a very dangerous MAN. Any way Obama took the responsibility during his press conference… YES! we are running after you man..without any doubt…

  10. You wonder why Romney didn’t win, turn on your tv and watch him as well as others discredit pretty much all Republicans. I’m just sitting back and enjoying the show now.

    • bet Laquitta has an Obama "yes master" government job… and somebody told her she is important with that title they "gave" her. Laquitta for Obama money…


    • Romney lost because of voter fraud plain and simple!! He received 0% of the votes In over 50% of precincts around Philly, Cleveland and Chicago!! They threw away all the Republics votes. I’m not a Republican, I’m an American and this is unbelievable!!! Obama is and has been a fraud!!! He should be FULLY INVESTIGATED!!!

  11. Let's face it; you simply can't stand the idea of a black guy as president like most of you republican (small case intended) racists.

    • Ronald Reagan says:

      You got that right!

    • Let's face it… You too damn dumb to even know what the issues are!

      • bradkansas says:

        Oh really! Have you noticed all the "Dog Whistle" comments from your T-Party buffoons, their placards, their depiction of Obama as a monkey, Kenya references, and much more? Have you also noticed your suppression tactics which didn't work? Or are you too dumb, stupid and racist yourself?

        • To bradkansas,
          you are right, no one should be reference as a monkey, but please keep in mind, one day we will not have a free couuntry and through obama's excutives order. He will betray you and me, all of us. Please do your research on him, I know that you want a better life with good jobs yourself and the people you care about, and that is to lived free and be free to be whatever you desired to be.

          keep in mind that with millions of people on the obama healthcare on the same time will crash the economy and when that happens their won't be money to pay, anyone, including the welfare recepients to city employees and food shortages and riots may even break out. We will have the next Great Depression worst then the 1929 depression. It's in your history books, research it.

          • My dad passed away in 2005, once told me the next depression will make the last one look like a birthday party.

    • To Bradkansas,
      That is not the case at all, that obama is black. obama is bringing this country down with his failed policies. His healthcare is a job killer in another 4 years with obama runnng the country we may not have a free country. obama is a muslim and he does not repsect our Constitution and he is in bed with the muslim brotherhood, that is dangerous because one day he may replace the Constitution with the sharia law, and we can not be allowed to be rule by muslim's law. Do your research on obama, on his life growing up. Remember obama was elected in 2008 by all races, if obama was doing a good job, then we would love him. He has made things worst for all Americans, more jobs loses and more Americans hurting.

      • bradkansas says:

        You idiots are paranoid. Cite your references for your outrageous predictions. Fox "News", or is it "Muse", does not count nor do your idol LImbaugh or your patron saint goofy Beck. If you ever read the infamous "Ryan Budget", you'd understand why it is much more dangerous than anything Democrats would come up with. Thank your lucky stars (which apparently ride a different orbit for your kind) you or the environment wont have to live under it. Seriously, read the entire thing (HR-1). It'll scare the wits out of you (what few you may have left) . Love and Kisses an over joyed and mightily relieved DEMOCRAT!

  12. Bradkansas
    This is NOT about race. If it were, he wouldn't have been elected the first time. Can't you see that it is his policies, not his color. We need to keep a strong military, not cut it back. We need the borders protected, we don't need a health care bill we are forced to buy and will be penalized if we don't, we need to drill for oil in our country, we shouldn't have to worry about our first and second amendment rights, our children shouldn't be taught that Lincoln was a tyrant, Washington was a bigot, and putting doubt in their minds about God, just to name a few things,. We all should honor our country, our flag, our national anthem and our history, not try and destroy it all. God gave you a brain to think with. Use it.

    • Look at your first sentence. You're assuming if it were about race he would not have been elected. Implicit in your assumption is the majority of voters are racist. That's not only sick man, it's T-Party like. Is your hooded sheet pressed and ready for the inaugural ball?

  13. Why is it everybody else in America held accountable except Obama, Clinton, Holder, Panetta and the Chicago Mafia group. These guys have thrown Generals under the bus for some time now starting with General McChrystal over politically correct non sense. Normally in the military the situation of General Petraeus is handled behind closed doors… Nothing like what this administration has been doing. Why is Congress so afraid of this bully… Did they have the FBI read all of Congresses emails for blackmail info? Hey CIA guess what… Obama doesn't have your back… He didn't know about the FBI's investigation of the CIA director… Either incompetent or a liar… As Obama supporter Sam Jackson would have a 10 year old girl say in an Obama voting add "better wake the F***up," because a few of your colleagues are dead by executive decision and your director is probably going to jail for handing over classified documents to his biographer.

    • bradkansas says:

      Why is it the vile g.w.bush (small case intended) has not been tried for falsely starting the whole thing?
      Ever think of that, Neanderthal (caps earned)?

  14. I had to come here to see if this was real.lmao…This is insane!!! You guys are looking crazy at this stage in the game to come with this crap.
    When your plan fails, what are you going to do ? run over your wife or your husband if they dont sign the petition.
    Bunch of haters!

    • To njvtsv,
      This Prez was elected by most Americans of all races in 2008, he ran on Hope and Change and he gave his word on turning the economy around. He did not keep his word and made thing worst.
      The problem we have with this Prez, is the he is running this country into the ground with his radical beliefs. This man is a muslim and was raise with communitc views. obama said that he would fundamently transform America and he is keeping his word on that. Please do your reseach on obama and find out for yourself. obama has no respect for our constitution and he will replace it with the sharia law, he is in bed with the UN. obama does not care about you or me, just wait and see, time would tell.

  15. President or peon, the laws apply to all. If he is found to have let those men die to hide an illegal act then he is as guilty as those who killed them. While it will not be popular to pursue justice with many, crime is not a popular choice to be voted for. The more you threaten to make application of the law impossible the less right you have to expect that application to be gentle.

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