Video: Pat Caddell Identifies Obama’s Intelligence Leak

Sean Hannity tries to get to the bottom of this matter with Ann Coulter and former Democrat Pollster Pat Caddell.

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  1. Disgusted says:

    Obama is the Biggest Leak in Washington. He does this so that he can puff himself up to our enemies, and make himself look like Mr.Big. When in reality, he is useless. Even the middle easterners don’t like him. I read yesterday where some branch of Al Qadea is offering camels for his head, and chickens for Hillary’s head………..shows how much they like him, doesn’t it? So, if we don’t like him, we aren’t the only ones. And for leaking our secrets, it is clear and obvious as to what should be done about him, and to him, charge him with High Treason, and either hang him, or put him in front of a firing squad. That is what should be done with Traitors. And, Washington is FULL of Traitors!!!!

  2. For a Democrat, Pat Cadell is a decent man.

  3. RacerJim says:

    Just another example that Obama does not have one drop of intrinsic American blood in him.

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