Video: Parents Livid About Propaganda Video Encouraging Students To ‘Pledge’ Support For Obama

‘A Little 1940′s Germany’ – Video shown in Middle School.

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  1. It is about time Americans got a backbone and started fighting back

  2. This is tactic of the devil that I myself was ignorant of for a long time!! It is 'slip in some deadly arsenic along with something good'—so people will get deceived and he (the devil) be able to get them making one bad decision after another, that he already has schemed to LEAD TO getting them further and further into his TRAP of being under his CONTROL, instead of under the beautiful Lordship of Jesus ('under God').
    Though the enemy uses people, as well as directly attacking our minds & emotions, first deceiving them GREATLY (been there myself!) and using them to deceive others, to get in control, TYRANNY is really of the devil, not man!! Cruel, and sooo evil!! Jihad is a good example!! Shariah Law of Islam, Naziism, Communism, etc.
    The Bible says the devil (evil spirits, out to hurt people in order to HURT GOD!!) "BLINDS the minds of the unbelieving LEST THEY GET THE LIGHT OF THE GLORIOUS GOSPEL!"
    BUT, as we stick with God (Jesus), who is LOVE, and who wants 'us, who know Him' to BE A LIGHT in the DARKNESS, then God CAN bring down this giant of tyranny!
    Just as the Bible shows in 1 Samuel 17 (my paraphrase) ' when Israel was attacked by a stronger army who also THREATENED TO ENSLAVE THEM, the lad David was the only one TRUSTING GOD. David, ran TOWARD the GIANT Goliath, who had a fierce army right behind him; even boldly shouting ".. the whole world will know there is a God in Israel! And all will know 'it is not by spear or by sword, but it is the Lord who saves!! The battle is the Lord's!'"
    David was saying, in essence, it's NOT by my slingshot ability, but by GOD'S ABILITY, you GIANT Goliath WILL COME DOWN!! And all the army there backing you up!!" (Worth reading; but my paraphrase gives the right idea!!)
    The boy David TRUSTED GOD, and God honored that with what could not happen otherwise, David's stone hit the giant in just the right spot and brought him down!! And then David ran up and cut his head off WITH HIS OWN SWORD!! I believe, as we stay in faith, do what we believe God is calling us to do, boldly like Sen Ted Cruz and some other heroes on the front lines, we WILL see all this TYRANNY of the DEVIL BACKFIRE right against him!!
    God is getting America back to seeing the TRUTH of His Word (the Bible), as well as the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and our founding documents that are much based on the wisdom of the Bible and also a result of men praying and hearing God! Our 'Declaration of Independence' (including Bill of Rights) and our US Constitution are a result of people hearing from God!!
    And God wants us in America (and all the world too) to be able to have the prosperity and happiness that come from living from knowing God and living by His ways, which do include guarding people's 'freedom of religion, ALL people's religions'! But, as our Founding Fathers pointed out, it is ONLY by having the righteous (moral) ruling in any society that freedom of religion and our other God-given human rights can and will be protected.
    God IS gladly giving us His wisdom (James 1:5-8) just as He did our Founding Fathers who were in a similar situation as we have today in America!!
    As we stick with God, He WILL get our nation out of tyranny (of the devil, who hates God & all good!!)
    I believe it will be in such a way (as God used BELIEVING David, & with only a slingshot) that people will KNOW it was God (the God of the Bible) who delivered America!! Step by step He IS, even now, getting America turned back to Him & His Word, as well as back on the wise foundation it was built on!!
    TRUST GOD, who LOVES us and is eager to MOVE MOUNTAINS!! (Mark 11:23)
    We need to NOT DOUBT (just as David did, in contrast to the many around him), knowing God LOVES US (ALL People!) and desires to MIGHTILY intervene!! Hallelujah!!
    "Nothing is too difficult for the Lord!" (Luke 1:37)
    With Jesus' Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!)
    Love, Soteria Allen (& Jesus!!)
    My blog:

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    I pledge to be a servant to the person that take this member of al Qaeda OUT.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    I pledge never to watch that old bag Demi Moore in a movie.Thank god for a few smart parents.

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Edward,
      not only that old bag Demi but the rest of these Obama's ass kisser, I pledge never to watch any of these useful idiots movies or buy their music, especially George Clooney, this moron went out of his way to raised millions for the dictator in chief election of 2012 and I will never forget him for that.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        you and me both on dear old George.Ionce wrote to Parade and asked them if he was a pervert always picking real younggirl friends they emailed me back telling me it's because can.

  5. This is make my blood run cold,& I pledge that most people from la la land are ate up with the dumb ASS and when we turn into a communist country then the government will come collect all of there money then & only then will they pull there heads out there asses.WHAT HAPPEND TO FREEDOM & LIBERTY,LIFE ,PERSUE HAPPYNEST, never in my life would American give our country to an African citizen WAKE UP AMERICA

  6. give me Vladamir any day he is 1000,000 time better than what stupid ignorant welfare state packing ass president we have now.

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