Video: P.I. Susan Daniels Discusses Lawsuit About Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number

P.I. Susan Daniels appeared on the Peter Boyles radio show to talk about Barack Obama’s social security number.

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  1. Susan has guts, but I sure wish she had a lawyer! Going to be tough to win one like this going pro se. God bless you Susan, you DO have the truth on your side…..we will be waiting to see how it turns out…for all of our sakes.

  2. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Preliminary injunction is very good news Susan..hopefully, it will all play out toward a full trial. My concern is that the defense will claim the courts must invoke a gatekeeper role — ie.protect executive officers in business cases from being deposed that could/should be applied with special circumstances to government officials. Truly the best venue for this perjury and fraud case is Congress. Please contact Darryl Issa's committee before the case is dismissed with prejudice.. Jarrett probably found the forgerer back in the 90's whom Arpaio has recently located. Deposing Jarrett would probably yield corrobative information about the forged certificate.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Between Susan and Sheriff Joe two American heroes should be listened to but you must ask yourself why isn't the media and the republicans doing their job.We have an illegal presidnt and nobody cares because he is half black.

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