Video: Outrageous: Evidence Suppressed In Trayvon Martin Murder Case

The Chief of Police kept Trayvon’s rap-sheet from the jury. Apparently, Martin had been caught with a weapon, burglary tools, possible stolen jewelry. graffiti, and marijuana possession truancy. And when he was shot to death, he was also under school suspension.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Gabe you don't understand that is their culture it's okay for those blacks to be like that.If this was a black on black you wouldn't have even heard about it but it is a spic on black so now it is a big deal.Zimmermans Lawyers ought to be smart enough to press this police chief on why he is surpressing evidence.Every White person ought to be up in arms when the Chief of Police give special treatment to black cockroaches in Sanford but not white teens.Discrimination Where is Al Sharpton forgot it's in favor of little spooks

  2. RacerJim says:

    Part 1:

    Judge Nelson ruled that the defense may have access to Martin's records, including his "rap sheet", as well as access to Martin's social media sites, but that they will not be admissible as evidence during the trial unless they can be shown to be relevant.

    The crux of this case is: Who initiated the physical altercation/who was the aggressor? Apparently there is no eye-witness, video or even audio (telephone) of the altercation from start to finish. It is outrageous and, IMHO, a miscarriage of justice and grounds for appeal if Zimmerman is convicted (of anything) that Judge Nelson has allowed the prosecution to admit Zimmerman's records as evidence of his "state of mind" leading up to and during the physical altercation (which the prosecution did yesterday via two witnesses) while not allowing the defense to admit Martin's records as evidence of his "state of mind" leading up to and during the physical altercation unless the defense can convince her (the Judge) his records are relevant.

    • RacerJim says:

      Part 2:

      Reportedly the prosecution will call their final witness tomorrow, Trayvon's mother. Since she has no first-hand knowledge whatsoever about what happened that night, obviously it's a ploy to gain the jury's sympathy for her dead son and, by inference, wrath for who killed him. It's going to be very interesting to see how the prosecution is going to get her to tell the jury what a good kid Trayvon was without, by inference, making his "rap sheet" relevant. Also, if the prosecution asks her any question(s) or if she volunteers any information pertaining to Trayvon's records, specifically his "rap sheet", doing so would "open the door" for the defense.

  3. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    All that needs to happen is for this black mama to tout the goodies of the teenage hoodlum on the stand and it is all over. This Judge will have no choice but to allow a cross examination of anything she has to say..the "documents" will blow her to pieces and this all woman jury will be compelled to throw out this case..Similar to the Timothy McVeigh case wherein his sister was the final blow to the electric chair!

  4. What may not of been relevant in the case is relevant in how the worlds sees him, and know he was a thug that is why they are rioting, they thought he wad an innocent kid, that for jumped and killed by a racisist,which zimmerman even monitored black children out of the goodness of his own hart, his good side was suppressed to make him look racist. I’ve heard black pastor James Manning say he was not racist. On you tube. But then again look what evil did to Jesus, people are sheepees, nothing in news about the blacks killing whites everywhere, the white baby shot in face, death penalty for that sick back kid. And anyone of Jose real crimes not a self defence case of thugs rioting in honer of another thug. Sick

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