Video: Outraged Herman Cain Cancels MSNBC Interview After ‘Race Card’ Charge

Herman Cain told BreitbartTV that he decided to cancel his interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in protest to his charge to the RNC that Romney was playing the “race card” in his campaign. Cain encouraged other Republican guests to do the same.

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  1. I hope other Republicans are/have listened to Cain and follow his example. MSNBC is totally racist and their commentators comments last night were outrageous and false.

  2. USAForever48 says:

    Herman Cain is terrific!!! I hope other Republicans will follow his example, too, neleh!!!! Can't stomach Chris Matthews. I have made a good concerted effort to watch MSNBC and other lamestream media, but I just can't get through their programs without putting my foot or fist through my TV. My favorite is Sean Hannity. Now, I can watch him all night, but the rest, eh, not nearly so much. Rachel Maddox, Matthews and Bashir – they are HORRIBLE "journalists". I wouldn't sit down and have a beer with any of 'em. Herman Cain was right to cancel on Chris Matthews. I would have done the same, but I wouldn't have been as gracious as he was. Thanks, Herman!!! You are a great voice for us!!!

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