Video: “One Nation Under Obama”

Is this One Nation Under God? Or under Obama? Can’t have both.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Jamie Foxx may believe that Obutthole is Jesus Christ but what would you expect from an igger.Foxx isn't the brightest bulb in the pack.After all Obutthall believes he is a god.Don't forget reilgion is going down hill most parents don't stress the importance of God and we know public education doesn't stress god or religion in any way.colleges have hired all atheist teachers even in catholic colleges.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      To Edward,
      Who cares what Jamie foxx saids he is a fool, only morons believe that obama is their god. If is up to obama Capitalism dies and Communist lives. The double whammy would be communism with Islamic laws.

      All those young women that voted for obama, will regretted when the day comes that obama will change our laws to sharia law.

      The Islamic law will force American women to wear berkas, dress in rags from head to toe, especially those young American women who like to show it all, they will not like wearing berkas and they may put up a good fight.

      With obama being a muslim and appeasing the UN, you never know what to expect.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Your right they will regret it but by then it will be to late.Obugme wanted democracy in Eygpt along with some republicans and look what is happening over there the brotherhood want the women to start wearing burkas and be slaves to men.It will happen here and then we'll see how these young chicks like Obugme.

  2. SantaClause says:

    The OBAMA Party Liberal Islamic Gay Party

  3. Zita Alfonso says:

    Together we can make a difference. In unity there is strength!!! We need to put back prayers in public schools. We need to put back the Ten Commandments to the Supreme Court. We need to deport all Islamists who want to invade and dominate us and worse kill us if we don’t agree to be followers of Satan.

    Obama should not force us to sell our souls to the devil. If he wants to be Muslim, I don’t care as long as he leaves me alone. He infuriates me if he allows the Islamists to wage war to us Christians if we are not going to abandon Jesus by refusing to become Muslims. In Islam there is no separation between Church and State so it is Satan’s ideology. In Islam they teach children to hate the Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims. What kind of god do they have?

    Over my dead body!!!

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