Video: Ohio Election Official: ‘I Voted Twice For Obama’

Critics of voter ID and other laws cracking down on voter fraud claim they’re unnecessary because fraud is nonexistent. Well, here is proof to the contrary…

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  1. Voter fraud is straight to prison and never vote again.

  2. Charles17121 says:

    This is only one person what about the 1.5 million illegal votes that were found in California all voting for this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama ?

  3. So Obama and Obama's wife can be president of the United States? Uh, lady? They can't both be president.
    Though, this could very well be the thread that unravels the whole tapestry. If she loses her case, it could open a door to uncovering the rest of the voter fraud. I'm not buying her story already. Four ballots with signatures baring similar handwriting? That's called a forged signature. Also, she says she turned in her granddaughter's ballot once and then her granddaughter either "forgot or was so excited" and turned in her ballot again. That's a fallacy right there. How could her daughter turn in two of the same ballot? How did she get two? Then she openly admitted she voted for someone in their stead. Lastly, there's her statement that she would do anything to keep Obama (and his wife) in office.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    This sounds like what happens in Albany,NY.I know a man who got $5.00 every time he voted for someone who was either dead or sick and couldn't vote.So when I see the color of this outstanding citizen I wonder how come she only voted twice.

  5. Larry Strickland says:

    Ombama needs to be impeached for all the laws he has broke.Nixion was impeached for far less.At least he honored the Consitution our forefarthers fought and died for.Freedom is not free for this country and all who has died for our freedom sure did not do it for Obama and our goverment to hold us as slaves.Congress do your job,if you don't this country is headed for times not even a science fiction writer could dream of.Obama,and musilms if you don't like Americans and this GREAT COUNTRY then get the hell out.I fought for this country and will die for it.People wake up before its to late.Obama has a plan and it is to ruin this country.Hell es not even an AMERICAN.Thats against qualifications to become President of the USA.Hes a liar,impeach him NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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