Video of the Day: The Deficit Explained — with Whiskey

(HT: Foundry Blog of the Heritage Foundation.)

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  1. Last call.

  2. Three of my best friends….Jack, Jim, and George.

  3. Impeach Obama Now! says:

    All I can say is: some idea that will bring us closer to getting out of this hole is better than NO solution at all!

    • Terry Byers says:

      IMPEACH OBAMA? I say a 12 guage shotgun or Short rope over a low tree branch would be faster and more satisfying!!

  4. We're being led down the primrose path! After nearly a century and half of nothing but democrats and republicans running this country, they have finally succeeded in bringing us to ruin.

  5. Jerry DeFord says:

    Next to Obama Harry Reid is the biggest idiot and liar in Washington DC. Neither of them know their asses from a hole in the ground about finance and budgets. But what is new, that can be said about any of the Democrats of late. Socialism is all they know and they want big government in charge of everything we do, because like "Big Brother" they think they know what is best for us. In another two years, there will not be enough Democrats left in Washington to get up a five on five basketball game. Such arrogance must be rewarded with them being out of work!

  6. Listening says:

    Might have been a good message if one could understand it. Please learn to articulate before posting another.

  7. Obama is now showing his Muslim loyalty and roots. He is not an American.

    • Terry Byers says:

      You are so right Ralph,He is NOT an American,I have a copy of his birth certificate,He was born in Kenya Africa,He Is A Full hearted Muslim,He is Giving Our country THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA To the Muslims.I wish I could find a way,I would go by their bible The Koran,And Kill every one of them I could find,HE IS DESTROYING US!!!!!

  8. I sure do hope the Mayan calendar prediction is right, because I am sick of all the bullsh** thats going on.

  9. Floyd McWilliams says:

    Hard medicine to swallow. Okay, so I don't like whiskey. I think he got his metaphor backwards. To paraphase what Ronald Reagan (the president, not his crazy son) said: "I'd say they were spending like drunken sailors, except that would be an insult to drunken sailors. At least they get drunk with their own money."

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