Video of the Day: Feds Seize Oathkeepers Baby; Parents Speak Out

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  1. The only assualt here was on his wife and two children. The person who should be in jail is Irish…..The little baby that was taken away is lucky to be safe tonight…..

    • You keep saying these things, and providing no proof. Put up or shut up.

      Regardless of that, even if it IS true, the inclusion of Irish's political affiliations as what is, essentially, officially supported statements of What Is Not Okay is an absolute travesty of justice and liberty. Even if the other six items on the list are spot-on, as you seem to assert, that one item DOES NOT BELONG. Do not even try to defend that.

      • It all belongs. It tells a story. It tells that this man beat two children. The "mother" and I use that word loosely, let him beat the children then stayed with him and had ANOTHER child for him to beat. He was given the opportunity (at tax payers expense Im sure) to take a class and get the children back. FORTUNATLEY for the children this sorry exuse for a man did not complete the class. So in reality HE chose not to get the children back. He had guns in his home that were NOT registered. I am a gun owner….I follow the laws. Irish does not. The unregistered gun (s) in his home prompted the note of Oath Keepers. The "proof" is all over the web. But it is glaringly apparent that none of you want to hear the truth about anything….you choose to believe the hype and hysteria brought to you by your slanted media and politicians. Seek the truth….

  2. I thought we were at war with Irag and yet Obama lets the muslims build a mosque but they come in and take a new born baby come on are we in Russsia or the great USA

    • I can promise you that there are already mosques in the USA. There have been muslims in this country for many many years. WAY before 911. And we all have lived in this big country peacefully. Most of those muslims were actually born in America, which makes them American. Obama has nothing to do with "letting" them build a mosque….There are actual laws that state what you can and can't build in certain areas. They took that baby because that baby was born to a child abuser and a sorry case of a mother. Stop blaming Obama for everything…….really.

    • Do some research on the Child Abuse Protection and Treatment Act of 1974 and the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997. This will give you the answer to why the Child Protective Services employs Nazi-like tactics and believes themselves to be above the Constitution.

      Every President since Nixon has reauthorized CAPTA, and every President since Clinton has reauthorized ASFA. The easiest way te eliminate them is to defund both laws and allow them to sunset once and for all!

      Robert Littlejohn
      National Co-Director
      United Family Rights Association

      P.S.: I was horrified to find out about this. I deal with this type of news on a daily basis. When I found out about this, I said that they finally messed with the wrong person. Now the Oath Keepers as an organization should sue the CPS in New Hampshire for Defamation of Character.

  3. A Child Of God says:

    This totally Makes me Sick I am Married to A Policeman & He would never do something like this….. I support the Mother & Father of this baby & My Prayers are with them. God Help This Country because it has went to Hell In a Hand basket for sure. The USA is becoming more Like Russia Every day.

    • Its nothing like Russia….have you been to Russia? Tell me what you think the similarities are between Russia and the USA…..

  4. Regardless of how this turns out the illegal actions of the so called law officers acting on behalf of the government will only serve to unite and galvanize militia groups across this country. As a veteran I am ashamed of this country for allowing such cowardly actions to take place. I wonder when the government will deem their supporters a liability and take what's imortant to them away. It will happen, it's only a matter of time. History bears this out. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely……VOTE!!!!!

  5. rubea ross says:

    i have been doing a lot of reading on the protective child services agencies and it is very scary what i have been learning…a lady state senator, name escapes me right now, in georgia was trying to get legislation passed against cps and was threatening to expose them for their barbaric actions, she and her husband were found murdered in their home….we have to stand up to this attempted communist takeover of our country

  6. rubea ross says:

    this is really scary because i joined the oath keepers on facebook because i believe in their cause to uphold the oath to the constitution…i wonder if i am considered as a terrorist or will be sent to an internment camp even though i am totally harmless except for my mouth….hmmmm

  7. For all those reading this we are in a similar fight however they are refusing to give us our daughter and even labeled me as a narcissist to prevent me from visiting our daughter they get 1 million dollars per child when they remove a child whether you are guilty or not and if they sever your rights they get an additional 2 million dollars and admitted we broke no laws but we still have to go to trial so this is not news to me i have alot of info for yall on cps and their tactics

  8. E D Stewart Jr says:

    The children were released this past Friday, as soon as the social workers’ error was pointed out to the Department of Social Services in New Hampshire. I believe that the Department of Social Services in NH should be subject to fines or severe penalties for their illegal action in this case, or at least, we must see the termination of employment of the social workers that were involved. Oath Keepers is pursuing the Commonwealth of New Hampshire to remove the Oath Keepers name from ALL of the records in this case for having used the Oath Keepers name with no basis in fact.

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